Maui Hot Spots

Maui Hot Spots

Discuss Maui Hot Spots at the HI - Hawaii Lair within the The Attraction Forums. Dating Advice.; Maui Hot Spots Compared to Oahu and The Big Island, Maui is much more spread ...

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    Maui Hot Spots

    Compared to Oahu and The Big Island, Maui is much more spread out and laid back. I recently vacationed here and had great success. A quick thanks to local Juggernaught who gave me some good tips on the tourist scene.

    I figured out the local scene on my own.

    For the best action among the locals, head down to Kihei. The dress code is extremely relaxed. I would go with jeans and a T-shirt. But donít be too concerned with blending in. Go with a subtle designer jeans and a fun-filled T-shirt. The locals are very welcoming to mainlanders, but you donít want to come off as too showy. These are friendly folk who get by on meager means. So leave the flash at your hotel.

    The women here are great. The men are engaging too. You can easily DHV ďleader of menĒ by striking up an energetic conversation with them. The local guys here are no match against a trained PUA. You can also DHV by respect shown from bartenders/bouncers by warming up to them and tipping well.

    The variety of women is tremendous. Young and old party together. The make up is about 25% native dark-skinned Hawaiian girls, 40% packs of tight-nit Asian girls, and 35% Howlies (white girls). The Howlie girls tend to work in nursing or in the hotel industry, and most are ecstatic about water sports. To my surprise, many women took the lead and asked me for my number before I closed them.

    There is a cluster of bars and clubs around the 1300 block of South Kihei Road. Itís best to park at the Longís Drugs Store and start walking to the village of bars on the south part of the street. After 11 pm, you should walk to the north part of the street to a mega bar and dance club called Oceanís. In the village, hit up the South Shore Tiki Lounge. All the action is at the bar. This place as a warm vibe and is popping almost every night of the week. A lot of local girls follow the local music scene. Pick up a newspaper or ask around to find out when and where local bands are playing. For a dive bar popping Monday through Wednesday, try Tip-Ups.

    Everyone has an interesting story about how they came to live on the island. Most suffered some tragedy that led them to run away. DHVing about money, career, or 10s you've dated won't do you much good here. Instead, show your compassion and humor, and share stories of triumph. These are universal.

    An easy opener is: "So how do you spot the locals from the tourists?" This can lead to some self-depricating humor about yourself, which, if done right, can DHV in itself. The Long Island opinion opener can be modified to fit the Mai Tai or Pina Colada. By no means should you feel sheepish about admitting that you are a visitor. This will warm them up to you, and give you a reason why you must have sex tonight because in two days, it's bon voyage. Also, local Hawaiians shake hands differently. It's arm wrestle position rather than finger grasp. This can lead to a lot of Keno as you morph special handshake variations.

    Follow these tips and youíre sure to make a lot of friends and fuck buddies.

    Happy hunting!
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