Reno - The Biggest Little City in the World

I love this place and have had some amazing success here! It is quickly becoming my second home :-) Cheap rooms, cheap alcohol, and a good mix of snow bunnies, college girls, and cougars. I always come out ahead..unless I hit the slots...

I'm going back for another round the weekend of April 9-11th. Gonna game at the following bars/clubs: 210 North, The Edge at the Peppermill, Imperial, Divine, Aura, and a few other small bars.

Looking for an EXPERIENCED wing(s)! More of an "Acccountabilabuddy." You know, a buddy that holds each other accountable for approaches, transitions, bounces, etc.

My goal is 5-8 approaches per hour. Please be able to keep up with my pace so no momentum and energy is lost.

I will work hard to make sure you get results as well..just come out serious and ready to game!!!

I'm gonna snowboard by day and game by night. Maybe get some bottle service as well if the crowd is good. Inbox me if you wanna accept this mission in Reno.