How to regain power in the relationship?

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    Stop trying to change him.

    He is what he is. he's going to flirt and that's his personality.

    If you flirt with other guys it will only make you feel better. Because, this is a question of insecurity.

    Guys do like variety and they love female attention more than women live male one.

    It's part of dating process. How exclusive are you two?

    If you're in serious relationship, casually mention that you don't like how sometimes he takes things too far when flirting with other girls. Tell him about your concern and leave it at that. Don't nag bitch or yell.

    He might not even realise how he's making you feel....most of it is probably not premeditated and nor on purpose.

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    I ll make this illustrated:

    Your relationship=

    |_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _| Every _ is a 10%

    Normal relationships look like this = (many variables though and supposedly we talk about the man having the upper hand always.

    Your side --> |_ _ _ _|_ _ _ _ _ _| <-- His side
    (Where | is the boundary)

    A 40/60 is always good start.

    So now when guys and girls enter into a relationship something like this happens: They tend to give space to the other person:

    Your side --> |_ _ _ _|_ _ _ _ _ _| <-- His side

    Right now since he has the upper hand and you gave him the right to push you back your relationship looks like this:

    Your side --> |_|_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _| <-- His side

    This is the reason the best negotiators and seducers (A) put their visible limits in front of their real limits so even if the other person (B) pushes it is expected and gives him/her (B) the feeling of superiority where he actually is still in a place far from the real limits of the other person (A).

    So what you can do? Push his limits...
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    ditch him one weekend or cut it short. Mix up the routine.

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