My very own "Classical Writings". 10 Years from the beginning..

Hey everyone!

This thread is inspired by my friends who constantly ask me stuff about this. For you however, I'd like for it to serve as a resource to those looking for advice, your own personal entertainment and a possibly building block for your own personal journey. I want to share with you all my journey and show that huge transformations are possible.

There is already a numerous sources of information out there (and most of them are here at TAF!) on all of the topics I want to offer my views on with you. I do not intend to re-invent the wheel. My advice in fact could be way off, but this will be my advice from my journey, from my perspective.

I am by no means a dating coach and nor do I profess to be. My posts will purely be based on my opinion and my life experiences of implementing all of the strategies you will see commonly talked about today within the “seduction” field. Personally – I have seen a huge transformation from around 10 years ago when I decided I needed to take control of my romantic life. It actually all began when I moved to a new town and had absolutely no friends when I was 18 years old having never had a girlfriend. I remember stumbling across David DeAngelo's "How to pick up girls in clubs". The rest in history!

For my First post, I wanted to share how I personally improved my own Inner-Game

Inner Game

I feel that Inner-Game is the single most important area to develop when looking to implement all of the information you will take soak up from this community. I now also consider it to be the strongest area of my own game. I want to talk about something very simple that I did to improve my Inner-Game.

Whenever I did something successful with women and it was appropriate to do so…. I simply asked them – “why”.

By asking “why”, I was able to instill and subsequently reinforce my own beliefs that what I was doing was right. When you KNOW what you are doing is right, you will be amazed at how successful you will become.

You see a girl checking you out at the bar. You approach, talk etc. I would make a point of asking – “What made you check me out?”.

You take a girl out on a date after picking her up at a bar. During the date I would ask, “So why did you agree to go on a date with me?”

You take a girl home after having a number of dates with her and sleep with her. I would ask “What made you feel comfortable enough to sleep with me?”

I never saw this as “fishing for compliments”. For me, it was about hearing first-hand what specifically I did that was right to make sure that I could this again in the future. Before long, I had build up a number of positive comments about my own physical appearance, mannerisms and actions from girls that I had hooked up with. This made me feel absolutely great. With that feeling of greatness I developed confidence and the belief that what I was saying and doing was right based on the fact a girl I had been with in X situation told me so.

Try it. See how you get on with it!

And finally. Hello to everyone again