Did you get married?‏

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    Did you get married?‏

    This is an auto-generated email header sent to me today.

    The short answer is yes, I have.

    I have Love Systems to thank for it. In particular Braddock and Daxx. Thanks guys!

    I attended a bootcamp in 2009. As I look back on it now, I see how the whole thing went more clearly. At the time I was so wrapped up in my own personal shit. I was down on myself and lacked my self-esteem. I remember going to the meeting with extreme aprehesion. I nearly ate the money and just bailed. Thankfully, I did not. Instead, these guys were very cool and non-judgemental. There was sincerity in what they were doing and you could tell they enjoyed it.

    I was lucky enough to take the class with a buddy and after the seminar was over, it was time for us to test our new skills. However, I qucikly realized it wasn't about new skills, but instead I had my confidence back. On the first night I pulled a HB9. I was not living in Vegas, so we saw eachother a few more times before I headed home a couple weeks later.

    I went home happy as shit that I had found my swagger again. Without it, I would not have pulled this girl and would have probably settled on someone I disliked just to get laid. Instead I kept in contact with this girl and we just clicked. She and I got married last year and I could not be happier about it. Life is fucking great!

    I don't know what your reason for being here is. Mine wasn't to get married, nor to be a PUA. I just needed that push to get me back into the game and I got that here.

    Good luck on whatever your path is.

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    So you are saying what happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas?

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