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Discuss Is this a positive thing or an IOI? at the General Discussion within the The Attraction Forums. Dating Advice.; Is this a positive thing or an IOI? Hello everybody. I was wondering about one ...
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    Is this a positive thing or an IOI?

    Hello everybody. I was wondering about one thing: If I for an example (I am almost 21 years old, and I would not define myself af badlooking), were walking down the quiet street in the morning, and a milf (i would say an 8.5), (she lives a couple of houses down the same street, were I live so we have meet many times before and said hallo) - but that morning she were out walking her dog, and she were coming towards me, and of course I looked her in the eyes and said "Goodmorning" with a smile, and first she stunned hello, and quickly changed it to "Goodmorning" with a smile back, but here is the thing: After she had said "hello" she looked down at the penisarea of my pants for a few seconds, and the moment after she had passed, I looked down myself to see if my pants were a little open or something, but they were perfectly normal. ?

    Is that a positive thing or an IOI?

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    Walk tomorrow at the same time, same location. Open her.

    Women have two types of toys: teddy bears and vibrators. Teddy bears are for when they are emotional and want to watch romcoms, and vibrators for when they want to get off. What toy are you?

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