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  1. Simple, they're flipping attraction switches. They're not there to get laid and that's DHV right there, that's why indirect openers exist so you can start a conversation without seeming like you're there to meet women.

    I'm also inclined to believe it's because they have female friend(s) so it looks like they're pawning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dSp View Post
    thats exactly what i mean. no one has to be load to flip attraction switches. who cares if u like looking good doing it (i'm guessin thats how u feel seeing as u call urself metro.) ive been seeing a lot of talk on these "girls liking different styles" discussion. Its only the fundamentals that matter, and we use openers to get to use those fundamentals, we use canned material when starting out to practice just the fundamentals and not presentation.

    being confident and a respect for one's self are the only two things any PUA needs before an interaction, weather a girl comes to u or u go to her have no bearing on the attraction, qualification, comfort, and seduction process.
    A lot of women are attracted to certain "types". I'm a type that certain girls like and it's easy to spot. For these girls I don't have to do anything to flip attraction switches. I wish it wasn't true but when you guys sarge you guys probably go after a type of woman too. If you are a metal head rocker only guy, you probably aren't going to go hit on the hip hop girl in the track suit.
    Sure it happens once in a while, but I'm not pulling this out of my ass. I'm out sarging 4 nights a week.

    Attraction, qualification, comfort and seduction isn't that simple. Some girls you have to jump straight to qualification because they are attracted to you.
    With more attractive girls you have to skip comfort. Some girls you don't even need to seduce and will sleep with you that evening. I'm all about doing the least work possible to get laid in the shortest amount of time.

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