Whatsup Atlanta i realize this forum is very hit and miss so im going to kick it like this. If you are SERIOUS about GOING OUT and GETTING BETTER at APPROACHING AND GAMING WOMEN text me at 5013169656. I dont care how new or old you are at this cause im new. If your experienced and are willing to share and teach im willing to learn as well. Just dont be a time waster and have a cool personality!!! My number is not a hotline and its ONLY open to make new ACTIONABLE WING partners and mentors. My number is open for anybody that feels like they just want somebody by their side to game and want some support. Im only open for weekends for now because of work and i live 30 mins north of Atlanta. If you live in Gwinnett county im might be open for daygame afterwork. I cant promise when you contact me ill be available to go gaming right then but i can gurantee we can set a future date to go gaming and i will show up and try my damn best!

Once again 5013169656.

P.s. if your good at online game hit me up as well.

-Take Care Pimp-