Wanna be pua's: Stop putting wings ads if you cant sarg

What wrong with guys in this city? I have only been at this for less than a month and I have tried to reach out to wanna be and newbie PUA's who post wing ads in this forum to sarg and I have quickly realized they are just flakes and fake's.Some say they are experienced and can’t even come out and sarg .Look you can't be in the game if you are not going out and you just need to stay as an AFC for the rest of your life .
I even invited a so called newbie to a free event full of women and he would not show up, he said he started out in the fall and of course has nothing to show for it. . Some of you will always be AFC's that’s all I have to say so stay that way AND STOP PUTTING UP WING and SARGS ADS AND STAY AN AFC that's where you belong. As for me I’m done with the Georgia lair and will be putting up my blogs in the main pages, just got my first kiss close to a perfect 9 and now texting hopefully we will meet up this weekend.
As for you fake's keep dreaming that you are PUA, my journey is just beginning. I wont give up and Im so determined like never before, since i made my first kiss and number close this Weekend.