Frustrated !!!!is it this hard when you are starting out ??

New to the game 4th night out went out from 11pm-1.30am tonight. Started chatting from the beginning to keep myself in a talkative mood talked to the bouncer and bartender but froze out a lot, still intimidated by HB'S was able to open a couple of 2 sets all in all talked to 10 chicks I'm also counting attempts where the girl blew me out and ignored me I rarely get that .

Although I'm slowly getting better I have a problem freezing out for long periods without talking to anybody and this is not good for social proofing because people can see I'm alone .When I open 2 sets I'm having a problem reengaging the target once I ignore her and talk to the obstacle because most of the HB'S when you open a set tend to just turn their back and you are left with the obstacle to talk to .Even when I attempt to get the obstacle to introduced me to the HB the HB will usually say hi in a dismissive way and turn around.

I want to open more sets and talk to all the girls but I'm freezing and having AA a lot. I feel frustrated and really sad today but the more I go out the more I understand what not to do next time.

Can the community please give me some feedback, is it this hard when you are starting out? , I'm still not good in body rocking and sometimes I tend to show too much interest I'm learning and trying to improve, at least now I know what Iím doing wrong and I'm trying to correct it. The other problem is I'm not engaging the sets with enough humor and personality for them to stick around, but now what I'm doing is Iím hugging the girls and ejecting before they do, once I run out of material or when I have an awkward moment where there is silence.( I always DHV and Neg and also do the false time constraint)

Next time I will carry a tape so that I can listen to myself and correct my storytelling it needs work. I also need advice please feel free to criticize me anyway you can so that I can improve.

I'm going out 3 times this week. I have a party to go to on Friday night but itís a different kind of party. Itís a Salsa social where everybody knows everybody so the girls at this party will see me again , totally different from a club setting .I will be with friends who will include girls so a pivot here will be no problem and opening sets will also not be a problem since all the girls at the party are there to dance with men and are very open to talking to guys.
I don't want to embarrass myself in front of my new Salsa friends and don't want to get blown out by girls because this are people I will see again. My plan is just to meet and greet and just be social and not worry about outcome .Any advice on Social parties with people you know you will definitely see again? I mean Salsa parties in this city have the most beautiful women PERIOD.and I want to take advantage of this opportunity

Thank you so much guys and see you in the field.