Athens, GA wings

Hey all...I'm looking for a wing. A former wing is now leaving this beautiful town. Send me a private message and we'll talk more about this.

At first I didnt feel that the below section(which you will read) is necessary. Were all adults, but I have found that some people here are just full of it and have a mental age of 5.


1. You must be serious about getting good at this. What does this mean? You must at least make a fair attempt to make contact every 1 - 2 weeks to get together, whether it be replying or initiating. Right now, I'm getting together with my wing twice per week. And if you cant make it, thats no biggie.

2. If we cant work out a time, you must go out there on your own. Dont let your wing's time constraint be your time constraint if you originally had the intention of sarging.

3. You must be serious about pick up. Yea thats #1 all over again but I have to emphasize this. If your one of those guys that messages me about sarging then eventually flakes, then please do not message me. Not only is that disrespectful to me and my time, but yours as well. Be a real man and not real woman.

4. I make this sound like boot camp, but we are very laid back people with just a little bit of pickiness. Were here to have fun and our motto is "What did I learn from that set?" rather than "Can I pick her up?"