I'm trying to start a project West Palm Beach

While doing some research on gangs, for a screenplay that Im writing, I noticed something that is lacking in our community. We all share the common bond of continual self improvement, yet we dont function as a brotherhood. In my past experience all we seem to do is leech off of each other for as much information as we can get, and then move on. In gangs, every member is a brother. Now Im not promoting gangs or the activities that they participate in, but I do admire their loyalty to each other.

This brings me to my proposal. I want to start a Project in West Palm Beach that promotes the PUA lifestyle into a form of brotherhood. My vision is to have a house full of guys that not only want to have the best women in life, but be able to enjoy all that life has to offer. Im talking about guys that dont want to toil away in the middle class for the rest of their lives. With a select group of smart guys we can pool our resources together and lift ourselves out of the rat race together. Once weve outgrown the house, the house would be handed down to the next generation of PUAs.

I know my vision wont be easy to accomplish. Most budding PUAs cave in when they get their first HB9, and hold onto her for the rest of their lives ,like a security blanket. Other gives up too soon. It would take someone with a view on life that maybe only 5% in the world shares, for the house to be successful. Im not talking about giving up your identity for the good of the house; Im talking about contributing your unique abilities to benefit yourself and everyone living with you. If anybody is interested PM me. Only PM if youre serious, not if you think it would be something cool. Im looking for people that believe in never-ending self improvement, wealth building, and teamwork.