Looking for other PUA's in Port Charlotte, FL

Hey fellow PUA's!

I've been studying TMM and other PUA material for the past two years or so. And I'm looking for other PUA's in my area to possibly go out with. I live in a small town called Port Charlotte in Florida. It's right in between of Fort Myers and Sarasota.

I am the only PUA that I know, so I'd like to meet others to hang out with etc.

I won't lie, I know a lot about pick up, however, I have limited infield time. Most of my game has consisted of day game. The night life in PC is pretty null, except for bars. I don't like to go to bars alone, hence why I'm writing this. I've also tried the whole online dating thing, using Dave M's system, his system works, but there just isn't many women in my area that are on these sites, slim pickens.

So, please help out a fellow PUA. If you live near me, contact me and perhaps we'll wing for each other, etc.

I go buy, "goodlessons".