What's the average BREAST size in Miami?

I love big boobies!! I currently live in Orange county, CA. Specifically newport beach. And for a boob man it is.... AWESOME. Getting a set of double-Ds strapped on is practically a right of passage for some of these girls. I was talking with a girl about her trip to Miami. She just got back. She's got big fake E-cups, and she mentioned how people couldn't get over it because "they don't have boobs in Miami." And how the culture and the girls is all about ass. ??? Is this true? From everything I've heard/read/seen on the internet without every having actually gotten on a plane and visited, it seems like lots of girls get their boobs done in Miami. As much as they do in Newport beach.... if not more. But I don't know?

So what's the deal, is this girl right.... or is she just too stupid to realize that wherever you go ON THE PLANET with freakin' E-cups people are going to stare?