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    hello I'm emperor_xexar I'm kind of new in this. I have just 3 moths of readings but I haven't really practice everything in the field, so I'm looking fo somebody that can help me. I live in Orlando and I'm available almost every night.
    Reading opens the door. Only you can walk through it. This stuff on paper sounds good. Not everyone who writes a book knows what they are talking about. Its really easy to sit in front of a keyboard and dream up things to say to girls. I find that 75% of the publications out there are mostly garbage. My word of advice. If your just starting out. Open as many sets as you can, and stick in set as long as possible. The hardest sets to open are the easier sets to lay. Remember that. If you're looking to go out I go to Orlando every Sunday when they make House of Blues into a club. I'm always looking for a wing. Hit me up on Aim "RobDin3D" or yahoo "spazman6000" and I'll give you the 411 on the local community.

  2. HOB Sundays


    I'm also in the Orlando area and will probably head to HOB now and then since I have to work Fri and Sat nights. Hit me up if you need a wing or just a drinking buddy. AIM: urmoneybaby7

    - Joker


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