2 Day Advanced Bootcamp

Dahunter and I are interested in hosting a 2 day bootcamp in your area if anyone is interested. You don't have to have taken a bootcamp, but we will be covering advanced principles, so if you are new to the game I suggest taking one of the normal bootcamps.

I just finished running one of these smaller more advanced 2 day bootcamps in Houston and it went really well. Here are a couple of reviews from last weekend


I'm really proud of the content. Dahunter and I have put a lot of time into this and the final product is unreal. I feel like it really delivers. We will only take 6 students total, because we want to make sure we have time to customize routines and because it is more advanced, we need to make sure nobody feels left behind.

Hope to see you there! If you are interested email me directly at Braddock@theattractionforums.com or just pm here on the forum.