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    Hi guys I'm new to this forum. Anyway I've known about PU for some years now but just haven't had the opportunity to seriously try this stuff out. I live around Universal & unfortunately don’t have a car & I'm only 19. However I'm still willing to learn & make a positive change in my life. I don’t have many friends here but I would like to meet new ppl who share a similar desire in becoming a PUA. Hit me up if you would like for me to join your social circle.


  2. i just moved to orlando a couple of days ago.im down to go out and sarge anytime as i dont have a job yet or know anyone.if you at least 21 hit me up

  3. Hey guys I live around Orlando, have recently hit this PUA thing hard and trying to absorb as much info as possible. If you would like to compare notes and stories, hit me up

  4. Hey guys, I live in the UCF area. I'm a newby to this game and am looking to meet some like minded people to go out and practice with. Wings of all experience levels are welcome, just plz be 21 or older. PM me to get up.

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    I'm in as well, I just moved back here from college and trying to meet like minded people. hit me up when you guys are planning on going out and sarging.


  6. I'll be in Orlando next weekend (Feb 24th). If anyone out there is interested in going out, hit me up.

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    Im always up to go dt orlando. weekends are good. went out with @Slick_Willy last weekend and had success.

  8. those American girls

    Good to see there's a community down here boys! Just been in China for 3 months and want to get back into the American game.

    I'm 25 and down to sarge day n' night, other than working 60 hours a week! Fuk it though, happiness comes first right?

    looking to improve, looking to learn and looking for a solid wing, hit me up


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    IM down.

    I live close by ucf and i also study at ucf. Im fairly new to this. I find it fun and addicting. so, hit me up if you guys wanna hangout and pick up. Dont really care if your newbie like me or expert ( even better ). Most of my pick up and practices are at college campus, ucf and east valencia. if you do go to these campuses , u def have to hit me up.
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    Hey guys, so I'm interested in getting back out there and would prefer to find some decent wings in the area since most of my current friends aren't really that great. I don't mean skill wise but just ambition and initiative wise. I'd like to find some people that want to get out there and improve over time and that will help push me to do the same as well. It's too easy to just tread water when you're out there alone, especially if the friends you're with aren't into it.

    I took a bootcamp a while back so I have a pretty good base, but I'm very out of practice since I've been doing the exclusive relationship thing for a while, and since the latest one imploded I'm looking to get back out there and improve again since I've been slipping back into bad habits over the past year or so. (Let's just say how I handled this last split kinda jarred me into realizing how far I've slipped back into AFC territory, bleh)

    I live in the UCF/Waterford area and already go out quite a bit just for fun with friends if not to meet girls. I do downtown and country bars pretty frequently but I'm pretty open to wherever. I'm also in my late 20s so 21+ is preferred but I have enough 18 - 20 year old, close friends that it's not that big a deal, and many of my favorite hangouts are 18+.

    Since the last post in this thread was about 3 months ago I'll just start taking a new inventory of who is around and wants to meet up and get out there. Just reply in this thread so we can all see who is here, and I can start sending some PMs and try and get something organized. If we could get a small group together that would be even better.

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