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    Wow man Swingdude ur totally right.
    Its important not to think negative. I used to do that, but now I'm working very hard to get my glass half full instead of half empty.

  2. yeah, what really stuck out to me when reading i discovered this forum is that your thoughts, voice tone, facial expressions and body language is all a part of communicating with other people. I use to think that verbal communication was everything. For example if you have a sad look on your face and sound quiet and act timidly, its exactly the same as going up to somebody and telling them, "i have a low self-confidence and will do nothing if you threaten me in any way".

    Watch your thought and keep them positive because they become your actions. Keep thinking good stuff and good thats all you will focus on and you'll subconsciously do everything to obtain that goal.

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    Titty Twisters?!! Dude, not a good idea. Maybe when you're alone on a date, but that sh*t will get you suspended if it goes wrong. If you want to just do some sort of physical punishment, push her away from her upper arm. The best place to grab a girl is the hip bones. It puts you in firm control and lets her know you are the boss. They love it too, very sexual; their bodies instinctively know its how you'll control her when you're banging away. Probably some sort of shiatsu/reflexology pressure points in there.

    As for the "I'm not wearing panties" line, there are a million responses. The key is to act like it's no big deal. She's testing you to see if her sexuality has power over you. Just keep in mind that she's trying to qualify herself as sexy in your eyes. Keep it playful and always frame it in a sexual way. Here are responses off the top of my head:
    "Neither am I" (say it really plainly, like no big deal, then turn your back)
    "Yeah, I know - you don't have any panty lines today" (slight neg)
    "Yeah, right. I doubt it." (Sarcastic, Roll your eyes like you think she's lying. She'll then want to prove it. tell her, I still see a string down there. Keep on doubting, make her work hard.)
    "is it washing day for you too? Man, none of the girls are wearing panties today, how weird is that?"
    "Yeah, but you've still got pants on. Call me when it gets interesting"
    "Hey babe, I'm not that easy. Most girls buy me dinner first"
    "Cooool, and no camel toe either. You rock"
    just remember, be cool, be sexual, be in control. Recognize it means she needs your approval, don't give it, just give her a higher hoop to jump through.

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    When are you going to get the pussy!!...MAKE ME PROUD DAMNIT!! less gaming now, and more fucking!!!..lol jks, do it when its time

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    I don't even know if this report will help anyone,all i can think about is sex.

    I like shit-test,its the really subtle ones that screw me over.O and am definitely using the "Yeah, right. I doubt it" line that sounds pretty good.

    Went to the library to check out books about lesbian's and lesbian sex.I spotted the chick that goes to the library all the time(HB8,HBLibrary) thought about approaching her,but then another HB opened me up about my books.

    1st Period
    nothing,slept well

    2nd Period
    HB1111 was on a trip so i opened up an HB7.Pretty hot Indian chick(HBASD)Last year i made fun of her and teased her a lot so it was natural for her to give me the biggest ASD/Bitch Shield in the world.Also,she's one of those girls that thinks she's a UG when she's an HB.
    Heres the convo:

    "I stared at her and she said what in a bitchy tone"
    "I made sure my voice was as sexual as possible with a relaxed BL"

    Me "How's your day"

    *rolls her eyes*

    HBASD "fine...."

    Me "Thats nice,are you gonna ride the bus today?"

    HBASD "ya...."

    Me "did you study for the quiz"

    HBASD "no"

    Me "good"

    I got up and moved into HB1111's seat

    Me "Since you didn't study *i touched her arm* "your going to be my study partner"

    HBASD "don't touch me"

    Me *smiling,i touch her again while looking into her eyes"

    "she smiled a little bit"

    HBASD "i said don't touch me"

    Me "whatever...lets begin"

    We started off by quizzing her first on the spanish vocabulary words.Of coarse she knew them all and aced it.When it got to my turn i didn't study at all.So I gave her BS answer's,she laughed and made fun of how i am going to fall.I told her she was a crappy study partner and its her fault if i fail.She laughed and said "o ya sure"After the end of the test class was nearly over,so i got up and sat behind her i asked if i could come over and she laughed and said why would i want to come over to her house.I said because thats what BFF's do.
    We fluffed for a bit and she brought the question as to why would i want to come over.I repeated what i said before and added "its not like were going to do anything naughty..." with a smile.She gave me a pretty big smile and said ya sure....ok

    3rd Period
    HBHazelEyes was pretty pissed when she found out her "loving boyfriend" bragged to the football team about how hard he fucked her.She was saying stuff like "when he eats out of my pussy its not a problem" and she kept on saying over and over again that its the last straw.
    After awhile,she calmed down and i noticed that she was wearing those really tight black pants.The kind were girls either have to wear a thong or nothing.
    I put my hand on her thigh and played with them a bit.She didn't say anything so i kept on messing with them and i was going higher and higher up her leg.
    Eventually she noticed and just smiled and looked at me.Right when i was about to go down her pants,the fucking teacher came over to check on us....
    That blew the whole operation out of orbit.O well,Ive got time
    We flirted as usually and now she doesn't call me by my name anymore.She calls me "honey" or "baby" stuff like that.I invited her to come to downtown this Saturday but she had to work.Instead she said she'll pick me later in the week so we can hang out.

    Fashion Marketing
    The teacher told us that we had to solve a mystery using only the 28 clues she gave us.Me and RP had already figured out who did it and how within the first 2 clues that she gave us.*It was about an AFC guy...*
    The girls on the other hand said we were wrong.The hottest girl in the class has a really nice chest,and a voice that is so innocent and sweet.I would love to her moan.
    Any way's,she kept on fucking with me and teasing me saying how am wrong and how i should just shut up.I didn't say a word nor did i even look at her.She then patted me on the stomach and said she was sorry.Still i didn't talk to her...man do i want to her moan
    For the rest of the class period we just straight out teased and made fun of each other.I didn't get to kino her a lot,but their was a ton of teasing going on.70% of the time we would give each other a little sexy stare.

    On my way to 5th Period
    I saw HBPale,and she has a really nice chest plus she was tan.I told her that we were going to walk to 5th together,and we wrapped arms around each other like we were a couple and kept on walking.I was social proofed on the walk to class albeit.
    It was quite enjoyable.

    5th period
    HB-1itis,is really ugly now.I don't know why maybe because i have a ton of better HB's but she really does look ugly to me.Today in class she tried hard to get my attention,but i was focused on HBLatino.The first thing i told her was "Are you wearing any panties" and she looked at me like am retarded and said yes.I then told her that am gonna get her and for the rest of the class period she was self conscious about being near me.
    Near the end of class when the teacher told us we can check up on our grades,she was in front of me and for 20mins she was all over my dick.

    I got invited to a couple of parties this weekend yes!

    7th Period
    HBGhetto gave me a titty twister,it really did hurt so i told her she's not safe around me anymore.She asked for me to put her books up and i laughed and said "ya right".Then she started playfully hitting me when she was talking,I was completely focused on her ass.I don't remember if i said this but I told her that her shoes were pretty ugly.Today she asked if her shoes were hot and i said yes,but i said those black ones were fucking disgusting.Throughout class i ignored her.I sat in a really comfortable position and I was trying to give off the vibe that i was the prize.

    She asked if i could give her some paper and i said sure so i ripped out a piece of paper out of her binder.She called me a little fucker and i responded by flicking her off and she laughed.
    Near the end of class HBGhetto was talking to her other friend about random stuff,her friend is pretty hot.*HBHot*
    The whole time i was trying to grab her chest because she got mine twice and i was fed up with it.HBHot decide to join in on the fun and grab one of mine.After that we spent the rest of the day running around feeling up on each other squeezing our nipples.

    The bus ride home
    I get a call from RP saying theirs a big party going on today and he has about four different people that can take me.Not only that but i also found out that RP,FTH and a couple other people are going downtown this weekend to party with this one really hot girl.Then theirs another party going,the girl said only "cool" people can come.It made me happy to know that were all invited.Then theirs the dome game tomorrow.

    Rofl,me J and some other kid are having a competition to see who can get 4 random numbers first.They have to be legit numbers and the bet is up to $10s.Also we can't pick our girls,we each have to assign each other girls to pick and they have to be hot.J told me he would throw in an extra $30 if i got HBLibrary's # within 2 weeks.If only they knew...

    Also i closed a pretty hot chick,since she lives down the street i plan on making her my FB.Another girl lives a little bit farther down and am working on her also.It was easy to close her because i told her i wanted to hang out with her later on during the day.

    btw,i would recommend everyone to stop jacking off and stop looking at porn until New Years.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Jolly_Roger View Post
    btw,i would recommend everyone to stop jacking off and stop looking at porn until New Years.
    Ok why not. The last time i jerked was yesterday. I dont how it will help my game out. I tried not to jerk it before but it only lasted 3 days. Hope my penis does not exploded from not jerking to for so long.

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    i started that a week ago and today during school had an embarassinig boner while talking to HB8.5, i didnt approach any chick after that in fear that it might come back

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    I occasionally feel like I have O.C.D. with it. I feel like I'm holding in extra backed up jizz in my system.

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    jolly, i love u man

    ive been in school for about 3 weeks and i havent done shit. i really got to get rid of this AA, i think ur posts have inspired me! plus, this tuesday we(student council) are going to this spirit conference with about 10 other schools so i have to make it a goal to open some sets there.

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    When HBHazelEyes turned you down on the hang-out and suggested she pick you up later in the week, I might have suggested you say okay, but you can only do it X-day at blank o'clockish (to be alpha and all that baloney).

    Good job playing with each other's nipples. Next tittie-twister fight, see how far you can escalate it. (That's the nice thing about high school... As long as you don't mess with lawsuit-prone kids or kids of lawsuit-prone parents, you have to REALLY mess up to get in serious trouble.)


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