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    hey man

    i've read most of this thread, and it's great to see you actively seeking ideas and suggestions, while also putting your own ideas out there. respect.

    but i really think one of the things you're overlooking, and that's preventing you from really reaching the higher plateau is your social value. I know in Highschool there's often very divided groups, and if your goal is to game the top quality girls, you really should try to get into the group with the guys who are viewed as high quality aswell.

    Any popular guy in highschool, with any ounce of game can basically pick and choose his girls, because social value is really the number one greatest asset a guy can have through his highschool years. It's obvious to me that you've been creating attraction with most of these girls, and if you could infiltrate the higher status guys and befriend them, you'd be able to pick who you want, when where why and how.



  2. jolly if you want something good on graffiti

    peep Style Wars on google video- its the number one documentary on writing

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    The School has oneitis

    I think ive made a breakthrough this past week.

    Me,RP,and FTH were talking about our school and comparing it to other schools and especially 8th grade.

    See everyone at our school says that were lame,we suck,were pathetic and its so depressing.
    3 years ago,our school had so much school spirit.The teachers said that before we came,the students were all best friends and they all hung out with each other.

    Now,its all segregated everyone is doing their own thing with their own group.Back in 8th grade we rocked our school,their was deep loyalty with one another.We fought against each other for fun.We most defiantly put the girls in their place.They wouldn't dare cross a guy at school.I remeber how i could walk around the school say hey to about 50 guys,walk right up to any girl slap her on the ass and she would just laugh/giggle.The motto "Bros before Hoes" was totally in effect.Most importantly everyone was alpha.

    Now,girls have so much damn power at school that its literally sucking the "fun" out of everyone.Guys forgot about what happened back then and started chasing after the girls.Then they started treating girls like their kings of the castle and thats when the segregation began.The guys are complete assholes to each other,people think their better than others and girls walk around like their a Persian king.

    So anyways,me RP and FTH decide to create a sort of "brotherhood alliance" Our plan is to gather up all the guys in the school and hold a meeting,no girls allowed.Their me and FTH will explain whats happen,and teach them some pua stuff.Of coarse we can't say its pua stuff we will just tell them what to do.We will also tell them that at any game if they get into a fight with the other team,will be their to back them up.Over here fighting is just as fun as football,so that's going to happen every 5 secs.Not only that,but we will also tell them that if they do go to a game that they better go crazy.Mosh,scream,say chants whatever they just better go crazy.
    Also,we'll tell them that we need to be cool with each other.We have to stop forming all these "groups" and start becoming 1 big group of guys.
    Another thing were going to do is that on game week whenever we see each other,we go berserk in the hallways.We'll start screaming stuff like "ITS ON LIKE DONKEY KONG,WE DONT GIVE A ** CUZ WE GOT IT GOING ON!" we'll dress up and when we do go to the games will smack talk hard to the other team.

    Ive been talking to some guys and they truly miss 8th grade,they talk about it so much and with such passion it seems like its a legend.They miss the fights,the chants,and especially the friendship.I talk to some the girls and they said it was the worst year of their life these were the ones that think their some sort of god-king.The other girls said that it was pretty fun and enjoyable.

    Our targeted group is the preps,since they are the largest.The black kids and Latinos because were cool with a lot of them,then the rest of the school will fall in.

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    I got a new haircut and an outfit to match on Monday.I plan on being extremely sexually aggressive with every girl i come in contact with.Hopefully..ill actually do it.

    Also,since i have fashion marketing that class is in charge of all the spirit clothes that the school makes.So whatever we make people will have to wear it.I do not plan on wearing some stupid brightly colored pink shirt that says "Go *school* were the best!".I want something extreme like a black and white shirt that says "hey *rival* we fucked your mom and raped your sister."
    So i have to show who's the boss in class tomorrow.Even if that doesn't work,FTH said his dad can make about 100 shirts or so for us to design on.So i will be wearing a shirt that says that.

    Am so pumped up about this brotherhood alliance thing,i made the school my homepage.

    I don't know if i have said this before but,Ive been seeing HBHazelEye's bf all over HBGhetto and a couple other girls.Sometimes it would get pretty heavy,and its obvious that their flirting.If i told HBHazelEyes i don't know what she would do,because she told me that she wants to have his babies.
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  5. This sounds like a bad idea.

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    Lol well this whole story is taking quite a twist.

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    this would make a good teen movie.

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    I like the idea what you wanna do in your school, cause here in my school is the same stuff... most guys are enemy to each other, and there are little groups in the school.

    My best schoolyear was 8th grade, i felt the world is mine I wasnt so popular but damn, i was the alpha male of the class. Guys and girls liked me, i loved to go to school. Now im in the background, and wanna go foreground. I fucked up my first two year in my new class.
    And i feel the retarding factor of it. It is very hard to go foreground from the back. But i will never give up, i will practice and win

    Today was nothing, i came home at 12:15 PM, i was very stylish today, and tried out my new cologne (A*man).
    One AFC guy criticized my hair, one other very AFC guy said im 'foul', i thought you has just debunked my 55$-priced cologne
    So i think tomorrow i will wear instead cool water from davidoff.

    I cant find a master-hairdresser near my city... I mostly spike my hair, but i dont know, i want a new hairstyle, but dont know what kind of. I decided to grow it longer, cause i hate spike every morning(i do it since 7th grade )So i have no haircut for 2 months.(it is much time for me, usually i go for a haircut in 3 weeks). Im thinking to dye my hair a bit, like Joe D in TPUA.

    I need some new outfits too, so i try to make better my wardrobe first, then game. But damn, every jeans are tight or baggy (im slender/skinny, but more muscled then 4 months before, since i started to work out, it was one of the best decision in my life, i love it so much to go work out 3 times a week )

    Also my purpose is to make some new friends, cause i had AFC friends in my school. Unfortunatly nobody knows about this PUA thing, so i cant speak anybody about it. Except my cousin, i give him te MM book in July, so he mostly read it, so i can discuss the stuff with him, unfortunatly he learn in an other city, so i can meet with him only at weekends...

    So these ar my plans, i wanna reach them.

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    Is everyone thinking what I'm thinking?

    ...I wish I had the PuA community in high school...

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    yo jolly the way i see it its better that the majority of the school cant pick-up and are scared of girls and afc's. Its better for me if they are, less competition and more chicks without boyfriends for me to game.


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