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    12/7 Went to the out for gym this morning and approached what got served on the menu... nahh here we go:

    First approach is in the subway, I compliment an Arabic woman on her nice earrings, we talked a little, she was married and looked a 30ish years old. We had a good convo though. This was a good approach as I hesitated a little and went in eventually in a metro (public places being a working point), few people were on but still

    Second one is after gym: There a bus stop just right before the gym and I see a HB7, I decide to the fuck go for it while people were sitting next to her.

    Me: Hey, I though u were beautifull and I want to mee you *bring out my hand to shake*, she does not
    Me: Oh you don't want to say hi, that hurts ! have a good day anyway
    *I actually didn't care that much about the others talking to her, I was more thinking of them BEFORE the approach than WHILE I was doing it

    Another approach, girl waiting for her bf.
    Me: Hey I screamed for your attention and you made me come down here with my leg hurt
    HB7: Ohhh
    Me: You look beautifull so I came over, What's your name?
    HB7: *forgot* but I have a boyfriend
    Me: What's his name?
    HB7: Gauthier
    Me: Fast enough, you ain't lying, have a nice day

    2more approaches, rejected and the other ignoring me, I pass by the shopping street and go:
    I almost stumble while checking out a blonde..

    *Looks at me*
    Me: Oh that's because of you, you look so good
    HB8: haha and ignores me

    I approach 2 girls, wearing clothes that were pretty much asking me to approach, no matter how she looks..
    Me: Tourists?
    1: No lol
    HB8: What do you want?
    Me: Well you look pretty good and I want to get to know you.
    HB8: Ignores and tells me to go away
    *Other chick liked me, HB8 was serious when she told me to gtfo

    another Arabic chick in the street
    Me: Hey, I hurt my leg but I still want to get to know you, you look beautifull
    HB7: Oh thanks, but I'm married
    Me: Shit (funny way), too bad

    In the metro I talk to a woman of 32years old, she liked me very much, IOI's etc, but she thought I was to young, well her loss

    Out of the metro on my way home I approach an Arabic chick behind the counter to buy bus tickets
    Me: Hey, are you alone here?
    HB8: Yes, why do you come here?
    Me: I though u looked beautifull so I come over, that's what I do
    I forgot the rest but we had an OK talk, she was married so just asked for advice about her religion and dating non-muslims

    /*/It was just like the other days, I think me being rejected a couple of times is because of the fact that I talk in a shy way when I talk french with someone I just met. I got to talk louder.
    *In terms of approaching here in Brussels or approaching in public using direct openers this was THE BEST DAY EVER SINCE MY START. I get alot of rejections/ignores lately and that's something I can now start working on.

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    Sorry buddy, only 18 years old and up on the forums. Come back on your 18th birthday and be welcomed with open arms!

    And please don't try what others have done and make another account...cause the ban hammer will be unleashed than.

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