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    Goals tonight:
    - No alcohol.
    - Vibe the venue. Open the crowd. Just talk to people.
    - Ended up going out solo.

    - Stopped at Riverrock. Had coffee. Got to know both bartenders. Turns out the HB is dating the dude and they're from the same place. Got to know him. We had a good, long talk. I invited them to meet a gf and I for drinks before I leave town tomarrow so he gave me his number.

    - Downtown was busy for a Sunday. It felt intimidating being out solo. I havent done solo in Vancouver before. Usually Im with friends when Im in town. But I wasnt gonna let that stop me. If I wussed out, it'd be an Inner Game issue.

    - I found out a good place to go. Joe's Lounge. Lots of hotties going, so I paid cover and went in.
    What the hell. At the very least I could just chill out and get used to the vibe.

    - I made a joke with the coatcheck girl but she was stressed. She lightened up after.

    - I hung at the bar. Flirted with two girls. They left.
    - Made small talk with anyone around. Didnt hook too well.
    - Thought a chick was checking me out across the bar so I tried to make eye contact. Then I waved. Nothing.
    - Bored with social proofing in my area, I went over to the graffitti wall. I flirted with one slender 6 that came over to graffitti. She left.
    - I opened a mixed 3set on the dance floor. They were interesting so I wanted to dance with them. The music was loud so they didnt hear everything I said. I didnt want to repeat myself so I changed topic. Target wouldnt give me her hand so I got her girlfriend's hand instead n spun her. I remember asking how they all knew eachother. Target n dude were dating. So I danced with the friend, a decent figured 6. She wasnt attractive to me
    But I still tried to have fun anyway. She wanted the dude to show some more
    Dance moves. He didnt so I shared some funny ones to make her laugh.
    I was dissappointed to discover she'd never seen Hitch or Superstar. Oh well. I remember they wanted to know where I was from. So I made em play a Guessing Game.

    You win, Ill buy you a shot.
    Target fails.
    I say same thing to 6. I add a tease:
    You lose you gotta buy me.. Hmm.. Three shots
    Her: no way! (arm punch).

    Anyway, some girl stole 6 away at random for a dance. I moved immediately back to the graffitti wall.

    - Was opened by another 6. She had an orbiter that turned out to be her bf so I didnt escalate. Her flirting was just her being friendly. Eventually she leaves with him.

    - A cute asian girl smiled at me as I passed her so I chatted her up. She had a bf too it turned out.

    - Two girls came to the same table as me. One looked wobbly.
    Me: You look really smashed up.
    Her: Meh.
    Both girls leave.

    By now Im so bored with all these time-wasters and 6s. These girls really did have boyfriends.

    I felt too wussy to open the really hot girls or be direct with them. So I've made a note to get Remedy to push me to open those girls specifically. And to call em sexy.

    Outside I saw one super hotty and I forced myself to tell her I thought she was sexy as fuck. Im not used to calling girls sexy so it feels weird and I know it comes across as incongruent. So I need to just do that. Call girls sexy.

    I did meet my goal of talking to people sober. And I almost didnt go into Joe's either so I feel good about that.

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    Sorry to hear things didn't go as well for you. Those were more like warm up sets to get your swag on and into gear. Next time should be better

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    Was in Tim Hortons lineup getting breakfast when this slender Indo-Canadian cutie lines up next to me. We exchange glances and she smiles but we say nothing. I wait. And wait. Heart is racing and Im like I gotta open this chick. Mind's making excuses like it'll take forever and I don't have time. I remembered when Savoy told me to just put everything aside and make her the priority.

    She's got elegant style and this is her without makeup. Imagine what she'd look like in a miniskirt dress, with fake eye lashes and high-heels. I can't let her get away.

    So I turn to her. Say excuse me. I say I have to tell her this before I take my order. I tell her she's gorgeous. I tell her I'm
    Nervous as I go to shake her hand as my palms are sweaty and that I dont usually do this. She's a green light. Later, I find her to shake hands and we introduce ourselves. She works in the mall. I explain im here on vacation and go for the best way to contact her. She eagerly gives me her email.


    The HB i closed the other day wasnt in today like she said she'd be. Instead, I make a gift purchase as originally planned and get the jewelry story clerks warmed up to me. I pass on a note for her since im leaving town tomarrow.

    - DJ

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    Daygamed with a buddy from The Elevens. He brought a beginner level guy with him.

    I couldn't jump into it immediately as I'm very selective. Also the whole AA-warming up thing. Soon I opened my first set and got that dopamine rush. Charged with those feel-good reward chemicals, I was opening hotties in no time. For me, it was far easier around this time to open, transition, and plow onto other topics. For some girls, I'd find out where they were headed and start walking with them.

    I also started opening two sets as well. This is a first.

    It just felt so natural and easy compared to before.

    My Elevens buddy and I were giving the beginner some coaching and pushing him into sets. I was telling him to slow down his body language and to take his time. My buddy said it was a huge dramatic transformation for his friend. It turned out later he was telling the guy to pay attention to my demos. Apparently, I'm further along than I've realized...

    Unfortunately no numbers. And today I was just in it for the practice and habit consistency.

    Later I met up with Remedy for a double date. Except it turned out that my date had a bf. She was incredibly hot, worked as a manager at a fashion outlet. Talking about myself wasn't hooking so I teased her on having a short attention span and bad manners. One topic did hook. That was me talking about my tattoo and my son, which hooked their interest into a comfort story about living away from my son, marital separation, and how my ex And I are on such good terms we're taking a family trip to HK next summer.

    Yea she had tears in her eyes and had to leave to go cry it out. For the rest of the evening she kept trying to build rapport with me during a movie we watched in theatres.

    Yea. HB8 with the social value of a 9. She was slamming guys attempt to pick her up. So I got laughs out of role- reversal stuff like friendzoning her.

    - DJ

    My fwb in Van couldnt wait to see me when I came back into the city. Now she's keeping distance. Sucks being a piece of meat at times.

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    So Remedy and I are partying it up in Regina for a few days.

    Dance night at Freehouse last night. We were out with my friends. Good mix of genders. So Remedy and my natural buddy point to this 2 set. One looks pretty normal. The other is dressed in a black cocktail dress. We see these girls and comment on how they stand out. Natural buddy says yea they're sexy as fuck, but they're bar-sharking for drinks. They want a man to pay for their evening.

    So they say go approach her and I do effortlessly. I'm going to talk to her cockblocky best friend just to see what will happen. She's got fiery red hair, a thin body, and ripped up stylish jeans that just stand out to me. I wanna see what happens when I open the cockblock. Both were hot.

    Soul / Hoss Opener didn't hook. Commenting on her style didn't hook. Both girls soon went away. However, for the rest of the evening, they kept returning to that same spot. Turns out the girl I opened was just there to watch her friend.

    My natural friend went in later. He sits on the ledge right next to her and is like Hey Wassup. From there, he ended up getting her number. She turned out to be a stripper.

    Why didn't I figure this? My pivot friend dresses all sexy and does the exact same thing. Throws herself out there like a fishing line for some sucker to buy her drinks. Next time I see this, that sexy girl that's throwing herself out there like bait, that's going to be a red flag for me. This girl's probably a stripper or call girl.

    My natural friend chatted them up three times. So walking away is powerful stuff. Talk like they're your friend. And don't act like you're trying to pick them up.


    A lot of the evening, I was winging for Remedy and I was doing pretty good at it. I had to watch him a bit since he's new to the city and there were some instances where he looked like he was going to get into some trouble. It didn't stop me from opening sets, however.

    My approach was mostly low-investment with romantic-level kino. Opening aint shit. And the real important thing is breaking that touch barrier, without alarming her friends. And that's what happened to Remedy. He got a couple make-outs and was hard on the kino. But the best friends would always red light him on that.

    I didn't get called on any of my kino. And that was extended hand-holding. I'd transition with a handshake and just hold onto the hand gently. The key is to be pleasant and gentle. So I'd be holding the hand keeping up low-investment conversation and girls would NOT pull away their hand. And I wouldn't be called on it by anyone. This seems really deadly and I'm at a point where I'm unsure if this means attraction or not. If a girl holds hands with you, does that mean she's attracted? It seemed that every girl I did this to just let me hold her hand casually. That's why I'm skeptical.

    I've also started to think up an excellent bar escalation routine involving drinks. I was doing this:

    - Girls want to know something about you.
    - You make them guess. If they guess right, they buy you a shot.
    - Of course, she won't get it right.
    - Girls will always invest.

    I've played around with this in different ways:
    - Teasing.
    - Okay you get a second chance. But if you guess it wrong, you gotta buy me... four shots.

    But then I realized I could escalate with this:
    - Give her more guesses, but up the stakes. Like she gets another guess, but if she fails, she's gotta kiss you on the cheek (easy) or make out with you. Girls are generally cool with kissing you on the cheek. It aint shit. But I noticed that if they're willing to kiss you on the cheek, they're likely to kiss you on the lips.

    - Two guesses. If she fails, she's gotta give you some tongue.
    - If she doesn't comply, you could tease her about being a virgin.

    Yeah the hand-holding was awesome. My opener would probably non-verbal. Like you might be passing her and your eyes meet.
    - Opener: "Hey."
    - Transition: handshake + "How's your night going?"
    - *Keep holding her hand*
    - Make normal conversation.

    - DJ

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    Remedy and I were out again tonight.

    I introduced him to one of my best girlfriends over beers and pizza. She's a slender artsy girl. Lots of kino and eye contact from her. We ended up being really absorbed into what each other was saying. I'm sure Remedy will comment about it in his blog.

    We ended up on the Dewdney Strip at one of the clubs there. inside it was empty. A bunch of cuties on the dance floor. It was a tough crowd. Lot of red lights. Remedy's an attractive, successful, socially savvy guy. And he was getting back-turned on his approaches. I was too. One girl didn't even acknowledge him from a direct approach.

    That put us on the defensive, so we chilled out with some people. He quickly moved a table over into a mixed set. Later, I joined him. Early into the evening we were trying to figure out the vibe of the place. Just look busy, look like we were having a good time, being chill. The dance floor looked like a social proof death pit. And girls had barriers up. It was so bad they wouldn't even acknowledge any short-setting.

    After the place filled up, we changed proximity to areas with more people. Later we went to the bar. The bar is a great place as people come to you. He told me to open sets, but I wasn't feeling it. I was afraid of losing social proof and being rejected. I was afraid of not having anything interesting to say.

    That's when he goes, "dude, I can't be seen with you for the entire night. You're wearing a pink shirt and people are going to think we're fags. Go to the smoke pit, open sets, then come back here after".


    That whole push changed my whole evening.

    In the smoke pit, I opened mixed 3set immediately. Instant hook. Asking them how their night was going led to the dude talking to me about fashion and style. The girls went back inside and took him with them. He was clearly dating the cutie and the dragon fattie spoke weird, so I wished them a good night.

    Inside, I passed by a 2set and stopped to call them beautiful.

    I came back to the bar and short set it some more. Friendly conversation just wasn't hooking. I opened some adjacent cougar fatties and even they had barriers up. I plowed with one and broke her out of her shell.

    It was a really tough crowd but I felt better.

    Here it would have felt good to use an opinion opener, but I'm not used to doing that and the whole concept felt fake to me. But that's just me being fearful.


    I remember going outside to the atrium. This one smoking hottie comes out. I recognized her from earlier. I gently grab her elbow as she's passing by and go direct. I'm like, "I gotta ask you something" ... "why are you so fine?" It didn't hook right away. I plowed by commenting on how her dress was really sexy. Then I transitioned with a handshake. Now I was holding her hand. I let the hand drop to the side and held it was I made normal conversation with her. As I held her hand, I held the elbow of her other arm. We were holding each other and getting to know each other. A close, romantic moment.

    "How is your evening going?"
    "What are you doing right now?"

    I remember her being really into me. A full green light. Her and her friend were leaving and they had no plans. They weren't from the city. I learned we were both from Vancouver. She got really excited. I remember telling her about my brother (for disarming her friend as an obstacle).

    Her friend showed up with my brother. I said, "I just found out that she's from Vancouver as well!"

    The interaction got messy and terrible. Remedy was now speaking mandarin to my target and doing kino on her... even as her and I held hands. I was thinking Remedy you fool! That sexy bitch's friend is over there with her arms crossed. She's bored. Disarm her before she takes off with my target! Well that's exactly what happened. The friend left... taking my target with her.

    It wasn't that Remedy was hitting on my target. He'd opened the obstacle without me knowing, was trying to get her friend ( my target ) and shook him off onto her. Once she left, it was only natural my target followed.

    Goddamn she was fucking hot.


    We went to Ohans after. Remedy opened more sets and got a number close on a girl that had a boyfriend. I did a fast facebook close on a girl that blew him out so the night wasn't fully lost. And there were two cute blonds that we got into set with. They were married, professional, and sexy. I got a good opportunity to practice push-pull and qualify. I was getting great investment and kino from these girls... considering they weren't single.

    Regina is a really unpredictable place.

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    I didn't know your girl was related to that girl I had opened. In fact, I saw you both at the same time and didn't know they were friends. Please don't think I was trying to get your girl because I wasn't. The girl I was with did what Hb Colors did to her friend when we were at the restaurant and said "hey look this guy can speak mandarin! Say something to her!!"

    Didn't meant to ruin that for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Remedy0 View Post
    I didn't know your girl was related to that girl I had opened. In fact, I saw you both at the same time and didn't know they were friends. Please don't think I was trying to get your girl because I wasn't. The girl I was with did what Hb Colors did to her friend when we were at the restaurant and said "hey look this guy can speak mandarin! Say something to her!!"

    Didn't meant to ruin that for you.
    After shadowing you to see how you did things, it turned out that you get into position the same way I do. I call this proximity.

    Also, I like the attitude that we gotta split up, otherwise people will think we're fags. Staying together and short-setting is cool for starting up. Some notes:

    - Rotate between proximities --> high-traffic areas of people.
    1. Each bar.
    2. Regions (i.e. table with a bunch of sets around).
    3. Smoke pit.

    - Building positive momentum and social proof as you wait for the place to fill up with people.


    - Mother hen (the cockblock).
    - Bodyguard

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    - Nclosed a young professional cutie today on PoF. She looks sexy and she sounds sexy on the phone. I'm looking for that perfect combination of stripper-young professional. She kept wanting to call me today. We connected well on the phone and she's eager to meet me up tomarrow. I was gonna stop by her place with coffee today and do some art for her, but it didn't work out that way. Oh yeah... Im gonna get laid!

    - Remedy confirmed with me this evening that one of my friends just sees me as a friend. Even though she's slender, I just found that I was never really that attracted to her. Plus life for me now isn't about getting laid with every girl I meet. I actually ENJOY having a circle of sexy, platonic relationships. So I beat her to the punch by throwing my arm around her and calling her my little sister and saying how great of a friend she was. I framed all my flirtations as just being friendly. I found this disarmed her for the rest of the evening and allowed me to be close to her without her thinking anything of it. Now... if only I could JUST be attracted to her. She's not ugly... just not my type. I go for a really specific kind of girl.

    - Crazy limo birthday adventure tonight. Birthday girl has a really flirtatious stripper-type girlfriend come along. I ignored her for most of the evening while every guy was all over her. What a flirt. I kept interactions to a minimum and focused on all my friends. This didn't make her want me any more. At one point I did get her wrist and I smacked it because she was bad. She played along but it didn't make her want me any more either. So yeah, a bunch of disqualification stuff. At the end of the evening, birthday girl and her seemed to want to go home with me... but the "host" (guy who paid for her entire birthday evening) had spent so much money the girls felt entitled to give him their time. So good for him.

    I said to the flirty friend as I held her hand, "I haven't really gotten to know you yet.... next time". Behind all that surface fakery is a real person.

    - We had VIP at the club. One of birthday girl's friends showed up. Up until now, we've had a hate-each-other relationship. Today I qualified her hard and showed her that I liked her for certain things. I didn't get to see her for very long. We'll see what the result of this is.

    - One of the hired guns at the club let me spin her. But she wouldn't give her hands to dance. We made some small talk.

    - I opened one girl on the dance floor that had two dorks orbiting around her. She told me to talk to them so I figured why not. Let's see where this goes. So I distracted both of them and next thing I see Remedy flirting with her when their attention is on me. When one of them noticed this, I tried to lure them away to the bar to do shots with me but the guy refused. I kept plowing but they just didn't want to comply. They wanted to shake Remedy away from the girl. Remedy's like "let's go" and I wave her goodbye. I could always open her later. Shame I never got the chance to.

    - DJ

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    Plenty of Fish FR. Let's see what I can dig out of my experiences so far:

    Note - I met this girl, nclosed her, went on a date, and got a kclose. Her investment dropped shortly after. When I texted her tonight, she told me she started seeing someone else. She wasn't put off by how I kissed her. Looks like someone banged her first date. So I'm making an of this. Bang a girl first date if you can. Cause on Plenty of Fish, girls are gonna be dating other guys. Once you bang a girl, that's where her attachment to you starts to solidify. Its cool cause I got other girls Im flirting with. Anyway, here we go, for learning purposes:

    HB Syria.
    Athletic. Mixed middle-eastern. Loves to make a difference in people's lives. Two images.
    Her and I met for coffee, then bounced for a sushi date. Kclose. She's got finals but is interested in meeting up again.

    Me: Cool. So how's your weekend so far?
    Her: Its been great thanks. Just studying now. HOw is your going?

    Me: Fantastic! Back here from Easter vacation and now I have two days off again. And get this - my twin took a roadtrip with me here last moment!. Hmm... it IS finals... I'm guessing Siast.

    Her: Nice...I wish I had 2 days off! you got a twin? thats way cool. Yes finals 23-25 but this coming week I have test after test.
    Me: Thats my last year at "Some college" all over again lol. So are you done school after? And what are you going to do once you're on vacation?

    Her: hahaha yeah...NO I still have another semester left. I already have my dream job. I am going to work all summer and maybe go somewhere cool who knows!

    Me: What do you say we talk like REAL adults. Pingpong texting gets lame after a while, Smalls.
    Her: lol what do you mean? meet up? phone?

    Me: Phone call
    Her: alright call me then ha ha xxx-xxxx


    Her: "Just let me know when u can talk and I will call you"
    Me: "Cool. It's my friends bday today and we're doing a limo adventure tonight."

    Her: "That's cool."
    Her: "Want me to call you back?"

    Me: "Not yet as Im getting a cable box for my roomates."
    Me: "SAve me! Im all over the place"

    Her: "haha"

    Me: (text picture of one of my paintings)
    Me: "What do you think of this?"

    Her: "Very neat"
    Her: "Are you buying it?"

    Me: "I did it."
    Me: "My signature's on there."
    Me: (text second picture)
    Me: "Hey (HB), I'm free to talk."

    Her: "Sorr I was napping."
    Her: "Haha"

    Me: "Cool. Call me."

    Me: "Phone cut out."
    Me: "Hey what are you up to tomorrow?"

    Her: "Are u busy can I call u back?"
    Her: "It depend what time tomorrow."

    Me: "Hmm... Early to mid afternoon."

    Her: "I am busy till 2"
    Her: "Why?"

    Me: "Early afternoon is awesome that's why."
    Me: "2is is good!"

    Her: "Ha ha so random"

    Me: "Random? I think not!"

    Me: "Morning!"
    Her: "Morning!"

    Me: "Last night was an adventure. I made sure everyone was enjoying themselves."
    Her: "That's awesome."

    Me: "here. I bought you some coffee. An iCoffee --> \/"
    Her: "Huh?"
    Her: "Ha ha."

    Me: "It feels like I should be working right now.."
    Me: "Next weekend Im prob going to be working 7 days. Im both fearful and excited haha."
    Me: "Hey text me after two. "

    Her: "Hey what's up?"
    Me: "Chillin so you're free now?"

    Her: "For a bit"
    Her: "Why?"

    Me: Call me."
    Me: "Where are you?"

    Her: "Are you there?"

    Me: "Ya are you close?"

    Her: "Yes be right there."
    Her: "Are u inside?"

    Me: "Ya"

    Her: "Come out."

    Our date. Kclose

    Me: (text picture of my place)

    Her: "Nice..."

    Me: "You'll have to tell me more about Syria and Romania."
    Her: "Lol I shall do that."

    Me: "Busy?"
    Her: "Kinda why"

    (ignore her for a couple days).

    Me: "Happy Monday, (HB). Crack that whip hard today."
    Her: "Lol hey!{
    Her: "How are you?"

    Me: "Working hard and making sure my apprentice breaks a sweat lol."
    Her: "Ha ha sounds just like you."

    Me: "What's your plan tonight?"
    Her: "Well gotta acting sense to be then homework "
    Her: "In*"

    Me: "That's cool. You're committed to what's important to you."
    Her: "I try ha ha"
    Her: "What are you up too tonight ?"

    Me: "Gonna take it easy and actually watch a movie for once. "
    Her: "Nice I should do that sometime."
    Me: "I have an even better idea."
    Her: "What's that?"
    Me: "Watch one with me "
    Her: "I could do that."
    Her: "Yea and we could go grab Quiznos! Mmm"
    Her: "Ha ha cool we will do that sometime."

    Me: (text her a cute picture of me and a small dog)

    Her: "As cute."
    Her: "Aw"

    Her: (texts me a picture of her)
    Her: "Here my acting face ha ha they put so much make up on you ha ha"
    Me: "Sexy. Don't make me kiss you lol"
    Her: "Ha ha ya that kiss was not supposed to happen that day ha ha"
    Me: "...or was it? And hey we weren't supposed to eat sushi either. Magic happens."
    Her: "lol true"

    Me: "I was on a cleaning binge today!"
    Her: "Me too!! Ha ha"
    Her: "I am still cleaning then am gonna do homework ha ha"
    Me: "You know, even though we are just getting to know each other, I'm glad I met you."
    Her: "Thanks Me too."

    Me: "I don't want to bug you but you said weekday was good. When's a good night?"
    Her: "Sorry I didn't see this message come through last night. It all depends on the week but I have finals till Wednesday then I have a few nights off."
    Me: "Cool. So we can see eachother next week."
    Her: "Yes we should be able to."
    Her: "Unless I have a sense to be in but it won't be every night. Anytime after Tuesday next week."
    Me: "Man that's cute. Already thinking Im gonna demand every night from you. It'll only be every minute instead ha ha... really though, independant people like us get that others have lives."
    Her: "Ha ha oh no no I was talking about acting that it won't be every night so I should be free one of the nights ha ha."
    Me: Kk.

    Her: "I understand you are not demand every night and I won't accept that ha ha"
    Me: "I hope you like massages"
    Her: "ha ha"
    Me: "If you don't, we are breakin up for good haha"
    Her: "Lol"

    Me: (send funny image text)
    Me: I thought you'd find the image funny. Guess not."

    Her: "Sorry I just checked my phone"

    Me: "That's cool."

    Her: "Hey sorry about yesterday,"

    Me: "No problem. Hey did I ever show you my tattoo?"
    Her: "No I don't think so..."
    Me: "Okay I'll show ya"
    Me: (text her an image of it)
    Her: "Cool!! I like it!"
    Me: "Do you have any?"
    Her: "Nope"
    Me: "I have an idea for one... it would be perfect for you."

    (No reply)

    Me: "Evening!"

    (No reply yet)

    Thoughts: I can't tell if she's just sucked into her finals or if I did something to bug her. She hasn't been texting me and her investment went down. So we'll see what happens next week.

    Me: "Evening!"
    Her: "Hey."

    Me: "Do you want a picture?"
    Her: "Of what?"
    Me: Anything. I can do one for you."
    Her: "Sure I woul dlive one but I do need to tell you that I can't go on another date cause I started seeing someone."
    Her: "I would still love to be friends."

    Me: "That's cool"
    Her: "Sweet"

    Me: "I gotta ask though. Were you put off by how I kissed you?"
    Her: "Oh no!"
    Her: "Not at all and I was just going on dates but things got a little more serious between this guy and I"

    Me: "Haha that's awesome someone beat me to it."
    Me: "I like you and yes we can still be friends."

    Her: "Thanks I think you are supper cool but I don't if we would have dated cause I crazy values ha ha" (values)
    Me: "Huh?"

    Her: "Ha ha I do like I will not sleep with anyone until I get married ha ha."
    Me: "Cute."
    Her: "Ha ha cute hey?"
    Me: "Yep"
    Her: "Ha ha"
    Her: "Okay"
    Me: "I get it. We can be discrete. Tell me you like massages."
    Me: "Oh and don't forget. One meeting isn't enough for us to know each other. Keep that in mind."
    Her: "Yeah I know."
    Her: "You just said we can be discrete.
    Me: "Yea. Im being flirty and playful. It's not meant to be serious. You sure you're more westernized than me? (callback)
    Her: "Lol"
    Her: "Nope"
    Me: "Hey don't judge me. Just because Im cute, girls think I'll put out right away..."
    Me: "And I'm dating other girls too."

    Her: "What? I didn't judge you at all."
    Me: "I was being funny."
    Her: "I don't know it didn't seem like it maybe cause it's texting."
    Me: "Yea I agree."
    Me: "It's easier when two people talk over the phone. Have yourself a good night."
    Her: "You too!"

    Thoughts - Basically, I say "that's cool" to everything she says. And that really is cool if she's seeing another guy. In the end, maybe we have different values. Logistics are kinda fucked with her (finals, only one date). She's a medium-long fuse at this point. I'll throw her on the back-burner. I got other girls I'm working on that are more promising.

    I'm also disappointed that I didn't get an opportunity to do Cajun's Q&A Game on her, or the sex talk banter I've been doing with the other girls. My other conversations are better and seem to be leading somewhere. Will post those.

    - DJ

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