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    the girls I made out with spoke some english. I loved it. First off, I had one girl wanting to make out with me on one side and on the other this girl who threw herself at me and made out with me in front of the other girl, but she had to go

    That is all for now. I had lunch with a fwb just now. She had no time to go back to my place (she had to be somewhere less than half an hour later), so we made agreement to go drinking next saturday. She also wants to see my apartment (hint hint).

    Daygame looks to be iffy today. I'm going to take a quick nap and then do some traveling before I go out tonight. I hoping to take a girl home tonight. Wish me luck boys.

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    I spent my whole day at a place called Mekong, or Maokong. It is a good place to go. I won't get into it now...

    So, I first kicked off my night at a place called "Lava". I was sarging solo, and it turned out to be a very good looking lounge area, but the problem was that there wasn't really anyone for me to properly sarge. Language Barrier was an issue: I couldn't just be going up to tables and private areas and talking to people who most likely wouldn't be understanding me. So I finished my drink and promptly left for Luxy.

    Once at Luxy, I just chilled and mostly kept to myself at the bar. I had a small chit-chat, and I people watched a little bit. I was hesitant about opening sets due to the Language Barrier. So I moved to a different place in the club and talked to some people then moved back to the same area I was before. I befriended two guys, who had a private table and they gave me free Johnny Walker drinks. Hooooora. I hung around them and did a little dance with them to get into the groove of things. I focused on making subtle movements and mimicked the crowd a bit. A few girls took notice, and one HB8 Taiwanese in a tight fucking dress who danced sexy motioned for me to come over to her on this elevated platform and dance with her. I complied and it was looking good, until the times when she kept having to pull down her dress. She soon fucked off after that and I made a note to make sure a girl doesn't have to constantly do that. I think I made her feel uncomfortable a bit without intending to do so. You know when you dance and you move your hands along a girl's waste, hips and leg thighs. Yeah, when I had my hands around her thighs she coincidentally pulled down her dress sometimes. Oh well. After she fucked off I people watched again to see how some people were dancing with each other a bit.

    Then I notice this GIRL sitting at the private table area I'm around. She is doing some dance while sitting down, and I like it and think it is sexy. Before I know it, her and I are dancing together! Then we start making out! Turns out she was japanese, and I was able to communicate in english with her. Swinggggg And then the rest of the night we were dancing and making out and it started to get pretty hot a bit. I tried to pull her from the club but her friends---being in the club---prevented her from doing so. Her reason obviously was she couldn't leave her friends, though I could tell she was open to having sex with me. That was what fucked up my logistics---her concerns about her friends. So what I did was I told her I wanted to meet her friends and I met them. I asked her to go on a date with me next day, but she said if her friends were fine with it it would be ok. So after talking with them and them giving me a nod, I set up a time and place to meet her. By the way, she is leaving for Japan two days from now.

    So tomarrow, I will go on a date and try to pull her back to my place to fuck her. There is ONE problem though: Her friends my decide to tag along, which would FUCK up my plans to bring her home and fuck her. Let's just hope that doesn't happen. So that ends my night.

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    I would strongly recommend getting your hands on a copy of Gambler's Stealth attraction disc 3. He goes into nice detail about how he pulls girls home the same night and how he deals with logistics. I've only watched it one time cause i'm not at the point yet where i'm making out with random girls in the bar scene yet.

    But he basically tells them that he's going to a house party. And if the girl asks who's all going to be there he pretends to call his friend up, has a fake conversation asking when he'll be at the party. Then he tells the girl his friends coming and that his friends bringing his girl friend, then hangs up. Even though, he was talking to know one. The word House party sounds like it would be 10x better to say then "Can you come back to my place?" or even better then "You have to come back and check out my fish in my fish tank."

    Then half ways back to your place look at your phone as if you got a txt from your friend saying he can't make it cause he's tired or whatever.

    Some of the other stuff he talks about is pretty mind boggling too. Too bad most of it can't be done in my crappy town lol.

    I haven't heard anybody talk about Logistics and one night stands in a more interesting way then he has. But I do know Adam Lyons used to have some interesting stuff to say about this subject as well. If you know of anybody who has a better way of going about this I'm open to learning.

    You mentioned one of Soul's techniques for day game on an earlier post? What's that about? i'm interested.

    A few more months and you'll be at super star status, I'm so jealous dude. I gotta get out of the fucking house TONIGHT haha.

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    The jap girl flaked because she wanted to spend the last day in Taipei. She sent me this around 11:30am but I had woke up later and didn't have time to see it before I went:

    "Hi rob. It was really nice meeting you yesterday!
    Unfortunately I decided to spend my last day in Taipei with my friends. I'm REALLY sorry.. []
    Let's stay in touch, and have a good stay here!

    and thanks again about yesterday night. I had a VERY good time with you♡

    See you next time []


    If I visit Japan, or she visits me, it will be on. That is a nice strat you mentioned. I'll have to try that, but I'm a foreigner in Taipei so it might sound weird. I did manage to open one hb7, or 8, taiwanese cutie around where I waited and got as far as a # close just before her male friend arrived. So far she didn't txt me back, but at least I managed to get that far and try.

    Anyway, after I waited for the jap girl (without knowing she had sent me a msg), I made my way to Taipei 101, the second tallest building in the world! After I left the metro, I came across this donut place that looked like Christy Cremes. I opened a girl there, had a small convo and attempted to go for a lunch instant date with her but she was busy. She also said she had a bf when I asked for her contact, BUT she did buy two donuts for me, which was nice of her

    I then ate this expensive sushi place that had good quality interesting sushis. The building shoot slightly and startled the workers there and myself. haha. Phew, good thing it wasn't an earthquake.

    After I left the mall and went outside, as I drew close to Taipei 101 I opened two japanese hbs. We then headed to Taipei 101 together after I asked them if they wanted to join me. They knew poor english but were studying mandarin in Taipei, so most of the time I was switching between speaking with the limited mandarin I knew and english (mixed english and chinese conversation), which was pretty cool, and I learned some more mandarin as well. We had a good time and later it turned out they had boyfriends. We made plans for me to join them later (Their friends/and one of the girl's boyfriends knew english well. They were taiwanese). But then the girl's bf got mad at her cuz it turned out she forgot about their plans (could be because I asked them to join me?) and wanted her to go back home. I managed to get their contacts and make a future loose plan by offering to meet up, possibly with one of my taiwanese girls. they seemed interested, and we took the metro together and went our separate ways.

    Yeah, so, in my field reports so far, MAGIC BULLETS and GAME WILL work in Taipei as LONG as you can speak and understand the language. But if not, it will be your biggest fucking cock block.

    by the way, that jap girl I met last night wants me to come visit her in Japan and I don't think I'll be able to. I can't cancel my hk trip. Also, Hotmail is being a bitch and blocked access to my account in taipei I think because I am in a different country.

    So tonight, I will check out clubs again. Taxi is cheap here by the way, but shit like shoes and some clothings, and alchohal is just as much as it is in my country. The way I dressed last night (dress shirt with nice shoes) got a better response from better quality girls than the urban look I wore before. So this time I will dress in an Armoni Exchange vest with dress shirt and dress pants and see how it goes. One time I wore that and literally walked in, asked a girl "what drink is that" and she told me I was some handsome man.

    Yeah, lets see if I can pull a girl tonight. Its lookin like I am going to have to sarge alone again, and make friends on the spot as usual. You see, I am a very friendly person who can even make friends with guys in a foreign country that barely speak english. I should get points for that. Social Circle mastery is boss, but communication is key.

    So, This is Remedy out. I'm going to Tai'Chung tmr with the same girl I fucked last night for two days. It will be great. I just don't feel satisfied if I can't pull girls, you know what I mean? I mean, I could get laid by 10 different girls who are hot, but if I don't got enuf skills to pull girls from a club/bar for fucking, even if it is a hb6 or sometimes a not so hot girl, I don't feel satisfied. I want that skill and if I can do it, It is progress and an accomplishment.

    Before many months ago, I had trouble getting make outs from girls in clubs. And now I can get it. So lets see how tnite goes

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    Oh yeah, I got pix of me k-closing some girls--at least one, so if you wanna see, I can pm it to you. I also got pix with different people I met in this city that were just strangers.

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    One of my taiwan friends call me up and asked me to meet her. I met her on fb and we didn't meet yet. She informed she doesn't want to stay out too late, so we will see how it goes. I may go for a k-close/f-close next time just so I can make sure we have enough comfort. She complained I was being too polite on the phone, but I framed her as being funny and I wasn't being polite (once again fucking stupid language barrier fucks up my game).

    We'll see how things go. I'm off to shower and then go do some casual thing with her (night market/shop/eat food), and next time we might go to club and drink.

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    Tonight was da bomb. I think I'm getting my game on kinda like Luongo gets his on eventually.

    I got three kisses inside of club and one makeout outside of club, with one other girl also kissing my neck. Number closed that one girl I made out with. Then I number closed some other people, made some new friends and number closed this girl on metro who never talked to a foreigner before.

    I'm soooo tired. Don't want to explain anything cuz I am too tired now la. I started using this online program app for my phone and msged so many girls now and they mostly all got back to me, like about 5 or 6 of em at least. So I will try to meet up with them and fuck them.

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    Got a date set up for tonight from the girl I k-closed last night. She is bringing her friend along too, so I am trying to call people I met up these past few days if they can come alone. So far people are busy. Fuck I wish I had a reliable wing now. If I have a wing I'd be allll set for this date....fuck.

    Anyway, they BOTH have boyfriends hehe but still want to have fun with new people

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    By the way, I have been opening many sets and girls. I just go up to girls or groups and say "Ni hao" or something along those lines and it works most of the time. There are plenty of girls not interested, but for the most part they are. Even ones sitting down somewhere or in a group, what I do is just go up to them confidently, open with "Ni hao" and ask something "ta/ni hao ma" and then "qing wo keyi zuo ma"(Can I please sit). Then I'm locked into the set once they offer me a seat.

    I found that I have to actually go up to girls in a path where they can see me or from the side (not from behind). Waving to them doesn't usually work most of the time, and there are so many hotties here 9s and 10s skinny fucking girls that love talking to foreigners, especially if you can speak the language and understand it.

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    I don't really feel like explaining what happened the last three days. I had three dates altogether (one from fb, one from a girl I met outside club, and one with a girl I already knew). The first two were just getting to know me and not sure if they are still interested or if I will get to fuck them.

    Today, I spent all my time in the northern part of taiwan. It was really nice. Afterwards we went back to my place and I fucked her. And it was good. Tonight, I may just chill. I didn't go out to club last night.

    A pua from HK is flying over to Taipei in two days, so I will be meeting up with him. With a LS pua working with me, hopefully things will improve a lot more. I'm tired to sarging alone, though I am fully capable to do that if I need to.

    Also, my chinese friend who is currently in Australia keeps asking me when I will visit in Australia. I think I will have a gf when LS Super conference rolls around, so I thought about cancelling going to it. Would be a waste to spend the money on something if I get a gf.

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