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    Yah, me and my roommate work amazingly off eachother. He's just a natural so we have different styles but we compliment eachother well and can easily keep girls entertained for hours.

    If someone told me a year ago that I would pass up sex simply because I was playing Mariokart and didn't feel like getting up I would have laughed right in their face.
    Here's the text convo with the girl that friendzoned me last year. I was able to get her attraction amped purely through my text game the one time i've seen her since last year was about a week ago where we talked for 10 mins and I got her number.

    She tried to re-frame a few times. Take note boys on how to properly maintain your frame

    I set the sexual frame by just talking about places we've had sex and then we came to the topic about how we both have wanted to have a conquest in my University's library.

    Her: Good point well library on friday or saturday night is the most likely time it will be dead
    Me: definitely, around 10:30 for a quickie on the top floor
    Her:Ya, what do they do if people get caught?
    Me:I have no idea
    Her: I'm not coming back next year, that's why I was wanting to do it this year
    Me:You've still got time
    her:You just really wanna have sex with me don't you? haha
    Me: when you told me about how you used to be fat it awakened my hidden chubby fetishes [Apparently she was chubby in gr.9]
    Heramnit. I knew I shouldn't have said anything
    Me: You're in for it now
    Her: Haha i'm not good in bed at all. You might wanna save yourself the effort and try elsewhere
    me: I think you're reading too much into my natural flirtiness [name] :P
    her: Stop taking me so seriously BnG!
    me: Oh so you're actually great in bed and I should put effort in then
    her:I'm very flirty also. You should know I'm playing around. Lol I dont if thats what i meant either
    me: haha gotcha
    her: Do you realize how sexy I'm about to look tonight?
    Her: also, wanna do me a favor and get me a mickey of vodka and bring me over to my place? I'll pay you ofcourse :P
    Me:I'm no errand boy. Plus I'm on a good streak of not putting on pants today and I dont want to wreck it
    Her:Cmonnn I've done so much for youu! If you do it, you can take your pants right back off once you get here
    Me: Oh is that how you're going to pay me?
    Me:I think pantless mariokarts got you beat
    Her: Please
    Me: i don't think you understand how important this no pants streak is
    Hero you have a bike? Bike over and I'll get the booze
    Me:I have a car. And that would mean putting on pants
    Her:Omg please BnG
    Her: I'll repay the favor another time <3
    Me:Please for what? I thought you were grabbing the booze yourself?
    Her: yeah I was hoping you could pick me up and take me there and drop me off
    Her: Think of it this way, the drunker I am, the hornier I get, and the hornier I get the better I am in bed
    Me: yah I'm not going out tonight
    Her: hahaha fuck fineeeee, I even thought that last text would convince you
    me: well, to your credit that last text would have gotten 99% of all other guys to run over
    Her: If only you could see how good I look right now
    me:technology these days is amazing.. did you know that there are even cameras built into phones
    Her: Just not the same babe
    Me: true, I think you'd have more fun coming over here than going to [clubs name] anyways
    Her: This is true.

    Also I got the 18 year old to send me naked pics and now she wants to come sleepover, I set the frame of not tonight, so probably sometime in the next week

    Also, also, my fuckbuddy texted me today saying she broke up with her bf. I was able to set a frame by saying "Yah, you're too young to be held down by relationships anyways" She agreed with me and said that she prefers NSA anyways.

    Good day.


  2. Hey BnG that last girl was literally begging for it. I can't believe you turned her down for mario kart, that is pretty damn boss. I've read this entire thread and I almost feel like I'm living vicariously through you. That's pretty AFC of me to say, I know, I need to get back into the game and start my own journey.

    One quick question I had for you, you've mentioned improv sometimes and even some techniques for quick thinking, girls tell me that I'm funny all the time, would an improv class really help still? I'm assuming you have taken something of that nature or have been exposed to some literature about it. Never say no etc I know that stuff, blowing stuff out of
    Proportion, purposely misunderstanding and making it sexual I get too.

    Anyways dude, keep it up, your posts are entertaining. Informative as well.

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    Yah I did improv all throughout highschool and if I had the time I would definitely take a class or two. It always gave me such a natural high and it makes you insanely social for a few hours afterwards. If I was a PUA God I would make it manditory for all aspiring PUA's to take a few improv classes, one of the most important things about gaming a girl is to be able to quickly think on your feet, and humour is one of the main attraction switches in Magic Bullets.

    Live vicariously through me all you want aslong as it inspires you to go out and sarge at the end of the day! And yes, the main way I'm able to get away with making things sexual and taking risks by saying some crazy stuff is because if the girls call me out on it, then they just look like they don't have a sense of humour cause I can always fall back on the, "Oh wow, you took that seriously?"

    For example: Remember the girl that I told her tomorrow in Comm class i'm going to send you wildly innapropriate texts?

    Well, I showed up late to class and sent her stupid texts like "The back of your head looks fucking delicious" and stupid things like that I should have actually just dirty texted her and seen what her compliance on sexting was, but I was in class and at the time it seemed funner for me to just text stupid stuff rather than properly game her.
    As you're about to see:

    She texted me: Not gonna lie, i'm a little dissapointed
    30 seconds later I text her back with : I want to fuck you in the ass.. too much?
    She replies with : A little bit

    and that was that, later in the day she invites me via facebook to a barbeque she's and her roomate are throwing. I can pretty much get away with anything once I set the "Don't take anything I say serious, unless i'm being serious, and if you call me out on what I say when I'm serious, then I was obviously joking" frame.

    This journal, unfortunately has about a one month life-span left. Probably less, end of the year exams start soon and then I go back to my Hometown for four months, It's really tiny, small population, destination for old people to come there, buy a house and then die. No clubs, 1 pub, no girls to game, once the girls in my hometown graduate they either get the fuck out of dodge or start doing coke and date one of the many coke dealers my hometown has to offer.

    So my choices are either jailbate (and I'm too pretty for prison) or Coke heads( and i'm too pretty to get H.I.V).. Luckily I have a heavy duty job to keep me busy and then martial arts at night to distract me from all the sex I wont be having.

    4 months of forced celibacy here I come!! WOOOP WOOP!


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    When I finally come visit Canada you realize all hell will break lose

  5. Well thinking about it from a positive viewpoint....they say absence makes the heart grow fonder. Maybe they will beg for your embrace whilst you are gone. Or alternatively they might become psychotic in their longing and ruin it. Who know how women will react!

    Grim if ur coming to Canada r u Going to Toronto? Or just planning to stalk BnG? lol

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    Maybe they will beg for your embrace whilst you are gone.
    Who's they?

    The girls i'm gaming/ banging atm? I wont be gaming them next year, I have a very short attention span with girls, i'm already pretty bored of my fuckbuddy and I usually don't invite girls i've already banged over for thirds or fourths, why bother when there is so much more new pussy to discover? I like the hunt more than the catch. Probably why I can't really see myself getting into a relationship unless she's something very unique and special. Before game I thought my most recent ex was really special, this year i've met 3 girls like her, if I would have met my ex this year, with what I know now, I would have fucked her and chucked her.

    This is probably why hardly any if not any lovesystems instructors are in commited long-term relationships. The more I learn about the many differences between women I notice the many commonalities they all share. Women are wonderfully mysterious yet boringly the same.

    Hahaha I just read what I wrote down.. I think I deserve a smack from some big butch feminist for running my mouth.

    Grimbo, looking forward to it buddy.


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    I am touring the world people - I plan to terrorize Cmpitts in his undisclosed location, and terrorize Stallion in London as well . Australia and Codo will never be the same after I land there as well...

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    Hey Grimbo. Come to Regina, Saskatchewan

  9. When a girl literally begs you to buy alcohol, go to her house, get her drunk and fuck her brains out and yet you refuse because you want to play MarioKart, thats when you know you've hit PIMP status. Respect

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    Cheers Khanzo. I think I might be hanging out with that girl later tonight; I'm going to the pub with my boys for dinner and celebrating last day of classes tonight also. It's all about priorities, if all goes according to plan, I have my fun at the pub and then go to her place and bang.

    Are you guys up to date on on-line memes? The only thing I can think of is the Dos Equis guy with the caption:

    "I don't always use POF"

    "But when I do, pretty girls fall into my lap"

    This is the results of 10 mins of dicking around with online game.
    Just a note, I'm above average looking, but i'm no supermodel, i'd give myself a 7 so don't think "Oh, he doesn't need game, he's good looking" The instant attraction that I built is just because my profile is as good as one can possibly make a profile.

    Btw, first one is about a 7.5, second one is solid 8.

    You're soo cute haha

    Cute wasn't really the look I was going for.

    You are adorable though.

    Well I think you're both handsome and cute so you're just going to have to deal with that.
    And thank you

    You're so refreshing, I can see that you're not just another pretty
    I'm really digging how outgoing and forward you cutie.

    Wow, that's the nicest thing I've heard all day! And id like to point out that I read your about me and your first date ideas and I really like your sense of humor. Mostly because it's like mine and to be honest I find myself hilarious. How was your day?

    Yeah I can see a bit of my (our) humour in your replies! We would
    probably kill it at stand-up.

    My day was good, last day of classes so I played some basketball
    at the court by my place, now I'm watching some Netflix and
    afterwards going to the Bard and Banker to celebrate with some

    Hows your day going?

    Btw, your cute smile is distracting, I kept pausing from typing to
    check it out. What's your number, I'll be able to focus on the
    conversation more if you're just a bubble rather than an adorable

    Right? When all else fails, at least were funny! Well that sounds pretty damn fun! I'm such a Netflix freak. Sometimes me and my best friend (who looks like my twin) just say fuck drinking and make popcorn and watch random foreign movies haha. It really never fails. My days been going really well! Had a meeting with some people from Emily Carr so that was terrifying but I think it went well! Btw, thank you. That's really sweet. Fun fact: always self conscious about my smile and freckles. So thank you! [number]. [name]. That's me.

    Second Example

    You've got one cute smile chica. I'm impressed

    Haha, i try

    Well aren't you a cutie, do you always carry balloons around with
    you? (balloons in her picture)

    Only on special occasions.. so yes Haha.

    Well you're chatting with me now, that deserves like 20 balloons;P,
    what're you getting up too tonight cutie?

    Haha, witty anddd modest eh
    A friend and myself are hitting the gym in a bit . you?

    I'm muscular, witty and EXTREMELY modest .

    I just got back from playing some basketball at the court by my
    house, watching a movie and then going to the Bard and Banker with
    friends to celebrate last day of classes!

    You definitely look like the active type, i'm digging that you go
    to the gym

    Nice! I am so happy there is some sunshine! I just finished a walk it was pretty lovely. I see,
    that's exciting!
    yeah i'd like to say im pretty active.

    I'd say you're pretty active with your sunny day walks.

    Something about you saying "It was pretty lovely" made me smile,
    I'm liking your style.

    I'm getting off the laptop though so I wont be able to play e-mail
    tag anymore. Tell me about your lovely walk over text



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