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    Hey Fezza, don't get me wrong, I'm not really gaming these girls in class as you would assume. I'm that positive guy and I do usually have lots going on, I game these girls in a slow sense where I'm
    Coming across as a friendly social guy but for the first few times I run into them I'm not showing too much investment. At the start of the year I tried to be just the fun friendly guy and it got me friendZoned.. Also Canadian University is different than American.. We don't even have a frat at my uni.. Social circle game here is based on integrating yourself with multiple other peoples social circle, there's no real homebase and each social circle
    Comprises of around 5-10 close knit people with an unlimited amount of acquaintances that drop in from other social circles.

    And grimbo..the great siege of Wednesday morning lead by The evil 5 year old general of neighborland made short work on my ice castle. We held out for as long as we could but as soon as they brought hot water squirt guns, we knew that an imminent retreat was neccesary


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    Americans to the rescue! I got a hot water nuke, it will wipe out every snowman within 100 yards!

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    Hey guys, this week I've just been really low energy. Even though i've been getting my usual 8 hours of sleep I am still incredibly low energy. Talking to anybody is a chore, I can't think of anything to say and honestly I know i'm not at my best and therefore don't want to talk to anyone. I'm amazed i've made any progress with this girl in my math class, I started steering towards just being friends with her (Even though she's hot, she's around an 8) mainly because the 2nd time I talked to her she brought up a story where she said last year my bf and I etc etc... but today I was talking to her and I said something along "I'm so hungry, math teacher better let us out soon" I pretty much said this to myself lol, I was legit super hungry and grouchy and she chimes in, haha yeah my ex-bf had to keep granola bars in his truck cause I'd get grouchy... I just looked at her and said holy shit you must have been pure evil if you had him scared enough to carry around granola bars.. she found this pretty hilarious... Anyways, I'm rambling. Point of the story I'm tired as shit this week, grouchy, and completely unmotivated in all aspects -school, friends, and social circle- the worst thing is, I have no idea why.

    My friday night plan is to Play Skyrim and fall asleep early and hopefully that's all I need to get my mojo back.

    Also I re-worked one of my old postings about Kino, it's filled with lots of goodies and tips from me and it's in my Signature. Check it out!

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    Nothing new to report... I got very drunk last night and have felt like shit all day.

    I'm really good at staying under my limit, but for some reason last night I just went above and beyond it. Only ever been that drunk once before in my life, as a result i've had a very unproductive hangover day..

    Going to start gaming cute blond girl in my English class, and planning to just befriend the girl in my math class. I also really really really need to start gaming other girls before I had about 3 girls on rotation... now I barely have one. The girl I had sex with about 2 weeks ago that I met on Halloween has gone surprisingly cold. She still will reply warmely to chat, but her investment is really low. On facebook her statuses allude to this guy (possibly ex bf) things like, I wish you'd get off your highhorse, or you don't know how much i miss you. Stupid stuff like that, that was never present before we had sex. So not really sure what's up with that, she would have made a good fwb, but i'm not going to chase just because she stopped chasing me.. I'll play the patience game and when she sorts out this drama with ex maybe i'll still want a fwb situation with her.

    Also have to play it patient with girl i'm interested in.

    It is very rare to get a text initiated from this girl, and I don't like to initiate texting more than 50% of the time, IMO it just makes attracting them much harder. This is why I need more girls on rotation that way I'm not over focusing on one.

    I can't be too down about the girl im interested in not having very much investment lately.. the last time we hung out we did kiss.. It's not much, but it is some progress with her. Usually my game is more faster when I have them alone in person, but not with this one.. I'm aiming for sex from her in the next month or so though. No reason specifically just a goal, and a challenge for myself.


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    Tepic, Nayarit

    loving the journal BnG, keep up the good and hard work

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    Is it possible to miss something/someone even though you know for a fact you're better off now?

    Thank-You bonaav, I feel like i've made a lot of progress since I first started this journal... Which is why this post is going to be hard to type. . . Hope you guys can give some insight because I'm completely baffled and feel like shit.

    Yes, as the title foreshadows this is about my Ex. The most recent one (Broke up in the summer) and arguably the only one I really cared about and certainly the only girl I've ever loved [still love?].

    I feel as if my inner game is strong, I have a strong sense of purpose, and I have ways of getting validation that do not rely on girls (Such as social circle, getting results from gym, my MMA, and school) I am a secure person and I believe that I'm not overly emotional. In fact my most common emotion is just irratability if i'm tired or if something is on my mind. This has certainly been the case recently. I fully understand that going back to an ex in almost all cases is certainly a big NO, and I do not plan on doing that.

    I don't want her back, but for some reason this past week I've missed her like crazy. This month I've had a good amount of success, I slept with 2 different girls in a single week and I had a second date with a girl I am [was?] insterested in. I say "was" because this past week my ex has been the only girl i've really been thinking about/missing/yearning. I've also finally started noticing a difference in my game, it has been steadily improving but now I feel like i've hit a new peak, I have the confidence that I had when I first started having good success but without any of the cockiness because I a more grounded with who I am as a person. Logically I've had nothing but success since breaking up with my ex, so logically breaking up with her was an awesome decision. I've put on 20lbs from the gym, made a bunch of new friends, improved my game a ton, gotten heaps of new confidence, and most importantly i've become secure with myself. I grew from the break-up and changed for the better.

    And as far as I know she hasn't, about 3 months after our break-up she jumped into another co-dependent relationship (and yes I had a weak moment and looked at her facebook page) the main pic was her hugging her bf, both of them looking sad, a black and white picture with the caption "Breathe".. Now this doesn't look like a self-fulfilling and fun relationship.. so arguably if it was a self-improvement competition I certainly won. Right? I'm the one that is better off, I [supposedly] have a better idea of who I am and what I want and I didn't jump into a relationship with the first girl that showed me interest. I stayed strong in my rebound phase and just strived for self excellence.

    So why WHY WHY.. after all this time..after all this improvement do I feel my inner game shattering? Surely that must be it? is my innergame weakening? Or is me missing my ex seperate from that?

    I've narrowed this random and sudden wave of emotion down to two things. 1) At the moment I'm going through a transitional phase of girls i'm gaming, I'm looking to get new girls because I've had sex with a few of the girls I was previously gaming and either interest has been lost on my side, or they've lost interest in me..either way, I'm at a stage where I'm not gaming any girls. I am relationship-less.

    or 2) it's her Birthday on Wednesday so this is acting as some sort of a reminder?

    I even have started having dreams about her again, I had a dream last night in which she just came over and we cuddled. The emotions in that dream were very strong. Both of Love and extreme Comfort and I woke up feeling in love with her again. . . These dreams really confuse me emotionally because they take me out of my logical mindset.

    I'm really hoping you guys have some tips or maybe experience to share with me.. This is the only person I've been in love with, so far. I know she isn't the one, and that she isn't compatible with me. I don't plan on getting back together with her. I'm just really confused.

    I don't know if this is normal.. it's been about 6 months since the breakup and I've gone through phases where I thought I was over her, but obviously I'm not. Right now I feel like we broke up only 2 months ago. . I feel like all my progress that I've made is gone. Getting over her was my main motivation to learn PUA at the start of this journal and now that I've learned a great deal I've found that I'm still not over her at all. . .

    I've read CMpitts post, Savoys post and Braddocks post about ex's. Believe me I understand them and have the message internalized, Logically I am not attached to the thought of her at all... but emotionally I am still very attached.

    What is going on?

    Citizen Cope- Sideways .. has definitely been my theme song this week.

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    i will share with you my experience with all that and how i fought it. I'm a person that never been in relationship, personally i dont want one because whats a point to have one if you can nail different girl every second weekend or even every weekend. That's how i become emotinally careless person in first place, everything that mattered at the times is myself and my comfort. 2 years ago all my friends got into relationship , happened so quickly that i basically left "alone" meaning i could go out with them but all the time i went out it only made me sad i look at them and how happy they are and how nice to have a girl besides you or someone to care. So it made me think i need a girlfriend.For the past 2 years everything i did i was looking for relationship, i will go meet 5 girls on friday but will only choose 2 to meet with, i postponded sex with every girl i made a connection as lets be honest if you had sex too quickly you will lose interest. but things never worked out , i was honest with myself i cant push myself to change from who i become. So for 2 years i had that emotional emptyness in myself that led me to stupid decisions, i thought i needed relationship to be happy but its not the truth, everything i needed is just be myself as i was before and stop looking for relationship.
    My point is same with you , you spend long time in relationship so you were out of it for 6 month , you tried things you succeeded but its not you so eventually your mind takes you back to the times you were really happy and that was with your girlfriend. it's not easy to replace comfort that you built with one person for 5 years by sleeping with different girl every week. somewhere deep in your mind you have already established perfect list of qualities a girl must have to make you happy and most of those qualities are coming from your past relationship/past experiences with your girlfriend that's why you dont like the girls you met before because subconciously you do comparison of each girl with your ex. 5 years is long time so what to do to forget
    - continue developing yourself
    -try to actually know the girls you sleep with, invest(i know its against the things i said before but if you invest you will be interested longer in girl. Thats why i used to say dont invest before, if you dont invest you dont get attached as simple as that)
    - good memmories of the past can only whipped out with good memmories of the present
    -find a girl that you will want to invest in and have a good time

    personally i think you need a relationship again, because you spent 5 years in previous one you are missing not your girlfriend but more steady girl that can support you mentally and physically

    All the best

  8. What you have to realize is that the shit you're feeling is just chemicals. EMOTIONS are just chemicals, I could give you a pill to make you feel the exact same thing. Its not logical, its not productive, its nothing. So take a deep breath, take a look at all the awesome shit you've done and been a part of since, and laugh. Fuck that girl, fuck what you're feeling, you got with the greatest tits in the world, you 3-way kissed two hot girls, you're doing well in school. Sometimes you have to just tell yourself what you're going to feel.

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    I believe that her Birthday just acted as a trigger to the dream which triggered the emotions... it really threw me through a loop but after this week I'm all the more closer to being completely over her..(A few people have told me that you never really fall out of love with your first love..) But who knows right?

    She even showed up to the club that I was at..with her bf...Just in time to see me walking out holding hands with a blonde hb 8.5

    She's roomates with a girl I graduated with and I left my car back at their place.. so we cab back to her place and then I end up in her room.. now I'm probably in a vulnerable place due to recent flux of emotions... but it was pretty nice, obviously I can't relationship this girl cause it was essentially a SNL, But yeah.. In the morning we just cuddled and talked and she made some breakfast and we napped some more and then I left and kissed her goodbye.

    Last night was much needed.. and now I'm going to a friends 20th birthday tonight at another club... I'm so tired.and don't wanna ruin my club streak haha.. I always end up hooking up whenever I go clubbing.

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    Never Gone so Hard before
    My boy PUAUnderstudy (Introduced me to this PUA stuff) Flew in from Beijiing for a little bit, stayed the weekend at my place... and the motherfucker brought $250 18 year old Whiskey.

    Friday Went to pre-drink at my friends place(She is hb8) with a few of her friends this is where I met her roomate and said to myself..I'm hooking up with her. We all drink and I run my usual social game, talking to everyone equally and being one of the main people talking and taking control.. near the end, right before we go clubbing she gets this pretty good looking guy(but ultimately afc) to come pick us up and drive her to the club (Me, my friend(her roomate), her, and this other girl) and we leave everyone else to catch a cab... right before my roomate tells me he's going to game the roomate(here on known as Hbcuddler)... I tell him i've been running game on her and she's my target, he says he wants her.. So I say "Game on then"... fastforward to waiting in line and I'm talking to her and she strokes my mustache (Yes, I'm growing a mustache.. it's so greasy, not attractive, but I love and think it's hilarious) She keeps turning around to touch it and I say, you've used up all your free touches next one is $5.. she goes, aw but I like it, maybe $1.50 but not $5...I didn't really know what to say here, and honestly I blame myself, because this was just canned material from The Game or something I read here, I never do that canned stuff and for good reason..she turns around and says shes cold and I tell her to huddle for warmth she gives me a backwards hug as I put my hands behind me to grab her and I talk to other people... This is where I hit a pit fall... she doesn't like it so she goes to the front and I hug her from the back..putting me at the back of the group.. I then start talking to a few girls behind us... and the group I'm in with gets in the club and I'm still stuck in line...

    My roomate uses this majorly to his advantage and pulls a robbery on me.. he games her in the club, he's got sick dance game too he's taken dancing all his life and he's as buff as me, so girls eat that shit up..Hbcuddler was definitely having a blast, it's also like 11;30 pm by the time I'm in the club so I admit he's won pat him on the back and I go with PUAUnderstudy to game some girls. As it turns out.. I knew so many people at the club(It was a big event, paint party) so people kept running up to me and putting water paint on my face and white tee, I go get some paint aswell and me and PUAUnderstudy opened a few girls with it.

    I'd go up and go hi-5, get the paint everywhere and put some on their clothes.. It got really packed in their fast. Another PUA that I met from here was also at the club and he agreed with me, it was too packed to game girls. I know, seems weird that that is a bad thing.. but it was so busy and loud in there, you couldn't talk..anywhere. To get my state up I game a hb6, get her name, spin her around and dance for a bit, get a Kiss close, try and talk, it's impossible and I don't want to game a hb6 anyways so I say, I'll meet up with you later i'm gonna find my friends.. she says deal, I say "kiss on it" and we kiss again. Then i see an hb8 near my group, so I put my hand out, spin her around.. she loves it, I use my usual dance transition "What's your best dance move??" "Lets see it" she does something, then asks me for my, I tell her to spin me, and then I grind into her ass at the end of it, she laughs, I tell her to spell out her name, bring her into our group and then start talking to my friends( I know, It wasn't good for game, but it was 12am, I don't wanna game one girl in a club for 2's impossible) My plan was to just hook a few girls, and if I see them around by closing time that's when I reel them in...But the club got even busier! she dissapears, I climb onto the speakers where a bunch of hot girls were dancing and i'm just having a great time waving my arms for 30 mins plus and being on top of speakers, sorrounded by hot girls is an awesome DHV. People who saw me with them would assume I know them, but I was just their to have fun. One girl beside me hb8.5 tells me "Look at all the ass to your right, go get it" I reply "I'm here to have fun not get ass"..and then PUAUnderstudy comes up to Dance on the speakers and the hb8.5 is all over him.. this guy was a pimp in the club, hot girls were coming up and opening him cause they knew him from last year, but he just got out of a LTR and was too rusty to properly handle the attention.
    Then My ex's bitchy best friend sees me on the speakers with all these hot girls... she does a double look and on the second look her jaw drops.. I laugh my ass off. Then one of the girls living below me see's me aswell(she's hb9) she waves and smiles and then one of the girls on the speakers grabs my arm and turns me towards her.. one of the club photographers wanted a pic with me with her..unfortunately this girl looked like an hb7 in the club, so I don't think she'll turn out too well in the pic.. regardless I game her for practice and kiss close her( I had no intention to bring her home, if I did I wouldn't have kissclosed her because it ruins sexual tension)

    Time passes and I'm at the bar and I see my roomate is gaming another girl because he couldn't keep up with hbcuddler.. Haha I knew that would happen, he made the mistake of trying to game one girl early in the club night... girls in clubs all have ADHD.. they run around to every shiny thing their eyes see and he got tired of chasing after her.. I see hbcuddler and my friend hb8(now known as hbfriend) at the bar, we talk, and i'm leaning agains this shelf while they both are turning and talking to me( i couldn't hear them) but to everyone nearby it looked like they were hitting on me.. and that's when I see my Ex at the club with her bf.. I've been smiling the whole night and having so much fun and I see her holding hands with her bf who looks confused and tired and I see this look on her face that I remember it's the face she always makes when she is not having fun and wants to leave.. they walk right by me and she doesn't even look at me.. she looks miserable, and I find myself baffled at how weird my emotions were a few days ago, because I looked at her then and barely felt anything, except I thought.. "wow, I must look like a boss right now"

    I couldn't hear what the two blondes were saying tho so I take off, and by the end of the night I run into hbcuddler who wants to leave and is looking for hbfriend.. She tells me how she was going to leave with a guy but couldn't cause she has all of hbfriends stuff.. I think awesome, her buying temperature is ridiculously high.
    We find hbfriend who is with her ex and we all catch a cab back to their place. In the cab back seat hbfriend and her ex were having an arguement(it's their foreplay to angry sex) and she goes you probably have herpes from kissing that girl and he goes well fuck you i'm gonna give you herpes tonight, i'm gonna purposely go down on you and give it to you and then they started making out, taking breaks to argue some more... it was so ridiculous. I take advantage and say to hbcuddler "I can't wait till I get you home and give you herpes" and she says in the sexiest voice "Mm, BnG, I can't wait... I wan't you to give me herpes right now!" We get back to their place and you can read all about what happened in the post above.

    I'm going to give you guys the text convo me and her had the next day.. As a special treat I'm going to include all the text dialogue with her, from here on out until I turn her into a fwb.. she's a medium fuse, so I'll show you guys how to turn her into a short fuse(hopefully)..I've turned a long fuse into a lay before though, so have faith

    Me-I Just remembered that I forgot to give you herpes last night!...fuck, next time
    Her-(10 mins later)Oh dammit! I was really looking forward to your herpes too
    Me-(30 mins later) It's all your fault
    Her-(10 mins later) Oh? and Why's that?
    Me-(1 hour later) Those cuddling skills... (More callback humour.. I kept saying, perhaps too much, how she was awesome at cuddling.. she really was amazing at it though, softest skin in the world)
    Her-(1 hour 30 mins later) Hmm, well I guess I can take the blame on this one then
    Me-(instant reply) Schooling -PUAUnderstudy- at MarioKart...ttyl

    Saturday post to come later... shit got heavy at the D.J. show. Hb9(The one I've been dating a little bit) want's to have a talk...

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