What I notice about North American women is that at first they mostly want nothing serious if they are not in High School due to the fact that they got things on their plate (school, work, whatever) and don't want to be tied down--or because that ex-bf became a stalker and she just got out of a relationship and isn't too keen to get back into one immediately. So they tend to date guys or hang out with them in a non-serious way at first. If you go on POF and check women a lot of them are "date but nothing serious."

It is a matter of how comfortable a women is with a guy, and like he said, if you gain that comfort with an hb, she will lower her guard and won't mind a fwb because of what I said above. It is usually later on where she becomes emotionally attached to you and wants more, to which men usually say---as hbs tell me----once they pop the question, the guy just says he doesn't want to be tied down.

Good report though, and it is quite refreshing to read such a detailed report. Yeah, I can see how women would want to get fucked in a public place, but it seems she doesn't care about being discreet like most girls I have gotten to know (they won't fuck outside but will fuck you if you can swing them to a private location such as your apartment or somewhere private). Good job on the public fuck though haha