College PUA looking for CAPABLE Washington DC Wing(s)

**I am not looking for mAFCs to coach (I did that all summer) or someone who is looking for a mentor. If you are over 21, be warned that I'm 20 (for 4 more months) and can't go to 21+ venues.

About me: I have been in the Game for exactly one year now. Pretty soon, I'll post my 24 LRs and start becoming an active member of the community. I had promised myself that I'd never a keyboard jockey and just post on the forums, read all the material, and never actually pick up any women. I am a 3rd year senior at GWU and am looking for a wing or few to sarge with. If you need help with your game, I'm glad to help. But don't bother replying if you have sarged infrequently and possibly gotten a couple Kcloses and a handful of #closes and consider yourself a PUA. If you can't pull at least twice a month (average), I'm not your guy.

I love how arrogant and assholish I sound. I'm really not though... I just don't want to waste my time with a wing who asks me "Wow... how did you manage to just kiss her like that! That was awesome man! *true story*" I blow most of my sets because I love overnegging. Hahaha, nothing gets me off more than be in deep comfort with a girl, have her give me the "Oh God Fuck Me" Eyes and say, "Wow... the smartest thing to ever come out of your mouth is a penis." I'd do me.

I live in a townhouse in the Foggy Bottom area which has open bedrooms where you can pull to, a hookah, plenty of booze (I'm a bartender), and parties every three weeks or so (I live with a DJ.) If you've got your shit together and need someone to challenge yourself with, hit me up via PM and we'll do this damn thing. I'll be back in DC on the 29th, and am up for sarging almost every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night.

Watch for the LRs... some of the shit I've gotten myself into is fucking hilarious.

~ Element