AFC needing PUA in D.C. AREA

Hey all, not sure if anyone has really read any of my previous posts, but I feel i'm at a crossroads here, and i'm not above asking for help.

I've read both The Method and The Game, and have tried to learn and apply what i've gained from both, but honestly i'm the sort of person who does not really do well in the field by reading, more by some hands on experience with a competent and active PUA who can help me best and show me the ropes a bit better, go sarging with me, basically give me what I cant get at a workshop since there are not gonna be any near me any time soon, and besides i'd prefer some simple one on one help, i'm military and stationed just about 45min away from Washington D.C.

So please, some help from a PUA to help a AFC to better learn, understand, and succeed in the game would be greatly, greatly appreciated, thanks again all, i've had alota help on this forum in the past and hope to have more, so calling all PUA's in D.C., lol, ready to learn and play!