DC - Thursday Night Sarge (Recurring)

Just what it sounds like. Starting 7-7:30PM, going until whenever.

NOT Bmore, too far for me. Anywhere in DC is fine.

I tend to be a solo act, but I want to try winging with people I don't know. Winging with friends sucks, because I split attention.


1.) No fuzzy hats

2.) Like 4 cats MAX on any given night.

3.) Walk-away rights, no harm no foul. If I seem like a shit head, ditch me. If you seem like a shit head, I will ditch you. No one owes anyone anything.

4.) If you're going to introduce yourself to girls using some embarassing PUA nickname like "Panthro" or "Exotic" or something, don't do it in-set with me.

5.) Don't start fights. I only say this because some people take AMOGing and negging a little too far. If you get a lot of drinks and/or punches thrown at you, don't come.

6.) No serious social anxiety disorder cases please. I don't want to be anyone's life coach.

I don't claim to be any sort of authority on this shit, so don't come if you're looking for a workshop because that's definitely not what this is. I can't provide that.

I picked Thursday because I think weekdays are less of a sausage fest, and because that's when I have availability. I won't go every week, it can happen without me, and I'm not the leader of anything, I'm just the OP.

Happy Sarging.