House share near Rockville?

I'm looking at a nice house in the suburbs near Gaithersburg. It's on an acre of land, and has a completely private fenced-in backyard with a swimming pool. I can qualify for the loan, barely; but I couldn't afford to fix anything in the house if it broke. I'd probably have to rent out a room or two. So here's an idea...

I don't want to make a lair like the Mystery Mansion. It's too far from any night life to pull people back there at 2AM; and I want to be asleep long before then anyway. My plan is not to hit the bars; my plan is social game - to have a place where I can throw a laid-back, quiet party once or twice a month, that people will want to come to. Not the kind of parties you threw in college. The kind that have no music unless it's live, and end at midnight without anybody having called the police or barfed on anything. Or, if I can get a group of people to hold a weekly dance or yoga practice there, or a book club, or show foreign films, that would be perfect.

I've thrown lots of parties, but it's difficult to get new people to come, which is really the point wrt game. So, if I could find 1 or 2 other guys who were willing to work on setting up social events and bringing new people to them regularly, that might be a way to make this house work.

And, of course, it's important to keep the entire house clean enough for women. It should never make anyone think the words "bachelor pad".

If anyone's interested, PM me. This would be starting in October, and rent would be, well, pretty expensive. I'm thinking $1250 for the private apartment, $800 for just a bedroom. But I have to learn more about the house's operating costs.