Just a student of the game!

Guys, I just moved here to Bethesda,MD. I am a mofo student of the game. I embrace all that I have learned. I am still in the stages of learning and not a mpua! However, I have hung out with some and I can tell you that I am a mWing! haha. I am new to DC...sort of. And I will also master Karaoke and want to meet Columbia, Thai, Vietnamese, Brazilian nannys and + those dirty power hungry capitol hill interns! There is glory to be found in 2011. Come join me for my new journey. BTW, I am short overweight and can't outrun a 3 legged hippo but I have skills. Hit me up biotches and let's kick DC in the throat!
Look, I don't care if your a beginner or a mpua, I can roll with all of the above.

Shreddar aka Witster