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    Thanks for your advice, I have ultimate text game
    How Can I approach 20 sets(lone wolves mostly) in a day
    Although I am beginning to hate some of the things Paul Janka say, however, I think some of the things he says are correct too, I think every system has some bullshit in it, it is only by going in field you would you discover it. He talked about knowing your territory in his video beyond the digits and the amount of sex you would have in your life would be directly proportional to the territory you control, think Hugh Hefner -blondes trying to get on the cover of playboy ( I would be shocked if most of the girls he sleeps with are doctors) , think Actors or celebrities their territory is their fans ( And they unashamedly clean up their territory).
    So you have to understand your territory, Like me my city is small, the whole city is walk able and it is my territory, that is the way I think about it. Take a day or two to study your territory, when is traffic light, when is it there loads of hot chicks (that does not mean you should not approach but you know mostly you doing research for future pick up in your territory).
    I live in a student town (9000 students, I have approached the same girl twice ,crazy enough they don’t remember). I know that when the student are walking towards my house, they are probably going home and when they are walking in the opposite direction they are probably going to class. I know that most of the classes start at 9:00, 10:00 and so on, so if I am trying to bull shit a girl walking in opposite direction to my house at 8:50, I don’t have much buy in time, so my bullshit has to be tight.
    I also know that there is a high concentration of criminology, biology and psychology female students, so I usually guess, are you a psychology student, they are usually shocked but that is because I have approached a lot of girls and they usually say biology, criminology or most popular psychology.
    I usually leave my house around 11:30 and I don’t get back until 15:00, that is 3 and half hours of walking around and bullshitting, you better have some carbohydrate cos you need energy, every approach is a performance and you must bring your A-game, remember this is cold approach there is no time for rehearshal.
    Finally most girls I approach, I find physically attractive, If I told you I approach twenty girls that are 10s, I would be a fucking liar but most are good looking or maybe my taste is not just that high lol. The exception is when I open ugly or older women when I feel my energy is dipping or when I am warming up or I can’t find any attractive women for a while.
    If you know your territory, you are going to save yourself time because most guys walk around for 3 hours at the wrong time (this is rarely the situation why most guys walk around for 3 hours , it is usually because they are too scared to approach). Know your territory, you can start small and when you get comfortable, you can extend it.

    Today, no more bullshit, I have to start direct, it is going to save me and the girls time to know we are going to be having fun not as friends.
    My plan to warm up with 5 indirect and 1 direct .
    I am going to report back on my progress.

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    I think Jenka is a pretty legit PUA. I m still curious how he text. I think he mass text the girls and all these are 90 second # closes and he still gets 11% lay rate. That's incredible.

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    Janka is Legit anyday, I would say he is the undisputed champion on day game.

    I am still alive still continuing on my journey of self improvements.
    day 6
    Approach 6 times, no number close but I almost got a fake number, I called her and it said this is an incorrect number, she was still lying through her teeth. I told her to be honest, I respect girls that shut me down, atleast they let me know, not waste my time on texting.

    day 7
    I am back with my indirect game, it is just that I believe the odds are the same.
    The students are leaving my town, all the girls I would be hustling would be locals, I don't know how many locals I can hustle before I hustle two best friends, this would be interesting and I would love to find out if they would fight over me lol
    Approach 20 3 number close
    Things I did right
    I am feeling it in my guts like I am entitled to that pussy, like it is my human rights I am making a claim for it.
    I approached immediately after a set blew me off and I got the second girls number ( I felt like Janka, Next!)
    I approached infront of other people (3 guys were watching my approach), I did not care, although I did not get number, a week ago I would not have been able to do this.

    Things I need to work
    I think I need to close more, I ejected in 3 sets where the girls were vibing. Premature ejectculation
    I think I need to memorise my structure more.
    I also broke my rule of walking with girls twice, I hate because if it is going well, you can not open girls walking in opposite direction and if it is not going well, you might feel awkward opening a set walking in opposite direction

    Things I would do
    Never leave until the girls leave and even then try to bring them back.
    Never walk with a girl, There is no advantage to it,
    Memorise my structure before going out tomorrow.

    I have 2 dates set for today and 1 lined up for tomorrow. Tomorrow, logistic is not in my favour, I am going to another town, I always go to the town to sharpen my teeth and work on a sticking points or just practise like crazy since I don't live there. I think the girl lives with her parent, if she does not, I would try and see if I can get her to make me sandwich or can someone suggest another excuse to get a girl back to her place?

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    I shot myself on the foot, I overdid myself, There is a reason why they say Keep it Simple Stupid (KISS),
    I was meant to have a date this evening, I told her I would text her the place to meet me at noon, she was like fine, I text her this noon- " The limo would pick you up in front of Debenhams at 6, don't forget to bring me flowers. she said text back to the effect of it is funny, I thought she got the message, It turns out she did not prepare. But anyway on my way to the date I got 2 numbers, I have this disease where I can't leave a hot girl alone, I have to chat them up. On my way back I got two strange reactions
    1st set
    2 girls- Me: where did you get your jacket from?
    we chit chat
    Me: we should grab a coffee sometime,
    Her:do you want to be friends?
    Me: I want to be more than friends
    Her: I broke my phone ( This is BS, a girl without a phone is like a guy saying I don't have porn hidden somewhere on my computer)
    Her: we could introduce you to some of our friends
    Me: Let me get your number so that I can text you and know when you are finish
    Her: I forgot my phone in my locker (BS no2, 19 year old girl without her phone, they would rather be in jail than not be on black berry)
    Me: Is that the best you can do
    Then they both went inside, we are going to be back, this is like in Night game (it is probably night game it was already dark) when girls tell you they are going to bathroom, She came out of the building showing me another girl that she is single, OMG! the girl that came out is so cold, I don't know what she is being through but I would rather not find out, If scientist met this girl, they might actually change their mind that global warming does not exist.
    2nd set
    2 girls
    I opened them, they were walking in front of me, I hate opening girls walking the same way because it is a lose lose situation, if you get her number, you cannot get other girls walking in your directions or opposite direction's number (this is frustrating because you feel like your hand is tied behind with a tight dutch tape and if it goes awkward, you can't do anything, it is different if they are walking opposite you, whether I get their number or not, I am opening the next set (with reasonable distance ofcourse), they rarely look back but I never check anyway.
    I opened them, asking them is that mistle toe, we were vibing, they work for debenhams, you know those hot girls that work in the perfume section that makes other ugly or fat girl believe that by applying this and that perfume they could look pretty, they are one of those. I asked them for their name. And she went Mo and mo (meaning they were both called Mo), I went this is worst bullshit I have ever heard. Nowadays I don't really care now, I call shit out to girls, I think it has something to do with me believing strongly that having pussy is not power and also me having a lot more options, so I don't really care about pissing off any girl. I know some guys might think be unreactive, yeah but some girls have to be reminded that we guys have brains too.

    I don't really do well with 2 sets, I swear I have not gotten a number from a 2 sets (exception was when I was in London)
    Don't open girls walking on the same side, never break this rule lol

    But I am having another date in a hour time, As they say I am ready for the next girl to come and audition herself.

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    Had my first real day 2 yesterday- Don't get me wrong, I have had three day 2s before but but the first two came with friends, and the third an Italian girl, would let me escalate on her until I went for the kiss close and then LJBF me, maybe it was a shit test, actually thinking back at it now, I should have just ploughed and ploughed. That is the past, I have moved on.

    Met this girl on sunday I would call her R
    We text each other back and forth, arranged to pick her up in front of her house. She asked me- where are we going, I was like it is a surprise. She was a lil bit suspicious since I was heading the opposite direction of the bars, We got in front of my door, she was like I don't know you, then the rain saved me (God I know you would help me in times of need), I said I would just change my shirt and then we would grab and a drink and chit chat for 30 minutes and then head out. Then we got into my room, she was still a bit nervous, a guy she only spoke to for 2 minutes and only sent less than 10 messages to. I left my door open.
    I went for the make-out, got it but could not get any further, there was a lot of smooching , she was like I don't know you, I don't know you. Stopped it, built comfort (I mean 90% of the stuff I said here was just formal bullshit). made out more , walked her home. Text her when I got home, she wants to meet again today yay!

    My date for today, the out of town girl flaked ( I think that is why Janka always talk about double booking because if I did not double book yesterday I would have no date), stating her dentist appointment, do girls sit down to write this flake materials and objections? I have been getting a new kind of objection, if any guy has gotten it, please let me know. Ok this is the objection, I ask them for the number, she gives it to me then I am about to ring it and she says I don't have my phone on me, it took me getting it 3 times to realise, this is just bullshit, which sane girl goes out of her house without her phone. How can I overcome this objection?

    I thought this objection must have been developed at a women's conference.
    Leader: what do you say to men when you don't want to give your number out
    first HB: I have a boyfriend, it works
    Leader: Not anymore
    second HB: I don't know you
    Leader: That has not worked either since 2005
    Third HB: I have got to go
    Leader: You are having a laugh right
    All the HB discusses tactics, then one of them raises her hand up
    Random HB: How about we give them a fake number then we say we don't have our phone with us.
    Everyone: Haha nice idea, we are going to test it out in field!

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    Day 8

    I went to the town next to me for a date and also to sharpen my teeth. First I must have approached may be 15 sets or more, I did not kill it as I planned but I discovered one thing for lazy bastards like me, you don't need to walk around to do day game, you can find a sweet spot, a sweet spot is a place where girls walk by a lot, like in front of a female store, you can open them as they are leaving the store.
    I went for the kill 5 times yesterday, got 3 numbers, 2 good ones, I swear I can tell after my first text if a number is good or not. I think the reason my first phone number went cold might be because the girl's dad saw me chatting up another girl, maybe or maybe not. The second number was on the coach, I waited for her to put her head phones on, my plan was to open her and I thought she would remove one ear piece and I would use Janka's line- 'you removed one ear piece, what type of guys do you remove both for?'. Fortunately or unfortunately she removed both.
    3rd number I was walking home, I saw look at me from a distance, I waved her over and I did about 2 minutes of formal bullshit before going for the close. Just where does she studies. I almost shot myself in the foot again because I was feeling great as I left her,I decided to open another girl then I spotted her, I abotted, I was thinking the number is dead but she did actually text back.

    My date with the out of town girl was awesome, I did not realise she was that hot, I knew she was alright but I did not expect that, We made out like crazy teenagers, she is coming to my place on Friday, fingers crossed.

    My next mission is to open 120 sets this week and get 40 number close. I would be updating you guys on my progress. Wishing every one a Merry Christmas

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    day 9
    Approaches-16, numbers-2
    I did the impossible, no I did not number close a playmate, I opened two girls I had opened before, the first girl did not actually recognise me but the second one did, It was funny as hell, I first pretended like I had no idea what she was talking about, nothing special happened, she just became difficult, it was actually good to know what would be the worst thing that would happen if you opened a girl twice. Nothing I swear, I would actually like this to happen again, maybe I could develop a routine for when you open a girl twice. Anyone know of any fun routine like this-
    You caught me, me and my best friend is actually on this challenge, it is called challenge 1000, which is first person to talk to a 1000 people in the town wins 1000, I am on 350 now, it is hard talking to strangers because some of them are freaking rude like yesterday I asked a girl- what the time was and she told me to fuck off, I think she is on her period or what do you think? We started this challenge because we wanted to start club promotion job in London which involves you talking to strangers in London and you know people in London are freaking rude, so if we can practice here where most people are nice, we would be unstoppable when we get to London. You seem friendly, we should grab a cup of coffee sometime.
    Guys tell me what you think about the routine.

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    My challenge of opening 120 sets would be challenging as my town is lost a good amount of girls (freaking students have left), as I said yesterday, I opened 3 girls I had opened before but that is not deterring me. My problem now is opening too many girls which is better than my former self which was scared of opening girls. I would rather be the guy who opens everywhere, at least I am taking action in my life and I have improved a lot, I know I still got a lot to go but I am not quitting, I am not stopping, 2012 is my year!
    My main sticking point is not progressing enough, don't get me wrong I got 3 numbers yesterday but I know I could do better.
    I am still sticking to my challenge of opening 120 sets before next week Friday. As they say a fool sees a problem, a wise man sees opportunities.
    So I am hoping to use this time to practise my progression and open 20 sets everyday apart from Xmas day and boxing day and open atleast 10 sets in the morning and 10 sets in the evening.
    Merry Xmas everyone!

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    I just finished my sixth date, she also came with a friend, one thing I realise is that I am not good with entertaining two girls, honestly she was not sabotaging but I have found out that I am not good at handling groups, although I have been able to number close when opening two sets, most of my two sets opening have not gone according to plan. I think it is major sticking point for me to work on. I need to work on handling groups. That being said until I find a formidable wing to nuke the obstacle, I would always re-arrange a date coming with a friend.
    Sticking point
    Handling groups

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    I think you're spending too much time/effort on your openers and not DHV'ing enough. Working on this may help up your %'s. Practice makes perfect

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