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  1. Session 8:

    Completed my work today early.so that of going to a mall and hunting.
    Decided from now onwards...daygame two days in a week....first day-1hour....second day-2-3hrs

    so today is this weeks first day....allowed duration-1 hour

    Duration :1hour

    started walking around in mall...pretty dead as its monday...saw some sets could not open..AA and social fear....went into food store...one old woman...couldnot open...walked out of store and walked around mall again...couldnot open...then went into one food store and couldnot open...walked out and walked around mall....then went into one food store and started walking slowly...saw one old MILF..didnot open...walked around and found one cute BBW...went and opened direct and she just said hello,smiled and ran away...I couldnot see anybody else in store..sostarted walking out of store...I saw that BBW was checking me from a distance...when she noticed that I looked at her,she went away....one MISS...feeling awesome...first young blonde(not HB but a cute BBW though)....

    then started walking around mall.found one old woman walking by..stopped her and spitted out direct opener...she patted me on shoulder and wished me back....didnt felt like continuing....walked around...saw one BBW hiredgun(cute and dressed in adventurous way)..felt like opening but feared hired guns are no good to practise game on rightnow as I need to use mall alot from now on....they will notice....then went into one store and saw one cute chinese...went and opened....she is not so cute actually(teeth clips) and she couldnot get any english and extremely shy...continued convo anyway and wanted to cutoff and asked for nr...she said NO....I wished her and ejected....

    anyway,felt awesome for some reasons...

    firsttime- 3 approaches in 1 hour
    first time after restarting game one month back-approached young girls
    first time after restarting game one month back-opened a woman outside a store(the woman walking in mall,free area outside stores)

    keep going man...

    any suggestions for improvements ?Bros


  2. Session 9:

    Duration 2.5 hrs
    Approaches: 1(1 nr close)

    Studied Souls Day Game book.recommendable.

    Went to nearest mall.went around for a while.couldnot open.finally went into a store and opened a 40+ cute MILF....DIRECT as usual...she responded with huge IOIs...asked me where I am from(I am not white),what I do here and stuff...she complimented my job..she is from Latin America and was receptive unlike white MILFs..white MILFs have many opinions about immigrants approaching them in this part of world..she complimented me saying I have good personailty that I came forward and said that she is gorgeous...she kept on saying that she is married with her love of life and bullshit and at the same time gave huge IOIs to me...she said I can meet nice girl very easy and conitnued..she used to cheat when she is young but now she is serious and stuff..Ididnot react to any of her statements...just tried to change conversation.I saw that she was looking for someone...so I said 'Nice Meeting you' then she immediately asked for my number...we exchanged numbers...then her husband came and she introduced me to him...awful....I said Good bye...convo lasted may be 10 minutes...

    Donot know howto proceed with this?

    continued gaming but didnot open anybody because of AA and tiredness....

    when I came home....started feeling down ...the same feeling like before....I like Direct DayGame...It makes you addicted because of the challenge in daylight but at the same time it makes me feel tired after hours of walking around malls,streets etc and keep pushing yourself.So when I come home,I donot feel like doing anything...I only have oppurtunity to socialise on saturday day and night only because of work on weekdays...when I daygame on saturday daytime,I feel tired and donot do anything on saturday evening and donot generally get any friendcircle...I really would like to have friends circle withwhom I can hangout,go to bars like other europeans...but its so tuff to choose between nightgame and daygame....daygame seems to be easy for me to get a woman because of my immigrant identity(women feelmore safer in daylight) and I like direct style because of adrenalin rush....I like nightgame on the otherhand because it gives you life with possibility to meet many new people and get social circle but for me,competition is very high from white dudes and I am almost like a new beginner in nightlife...I havenot gone to clubs somuch before...for white dudes,eventhough they donot do game since childhood,they atleast go to nightclubs since teenage..I donot even know what songs they play....Iam new to western pop,hiphop etc....I donot know how to balance both...

    My situation today sucks so much...I cannot even talk comfortably with HBs...stopping blondes on street is almost uphill task for me...I rarely get invites to go toparties...but now I am sharing house with Europeans so my roomates arrange some house parties in our house.if I goto some house party,if I get introduced to some blondes,I cannot talk so confidently...many times,I recognise that whites donot take active interest to talk with me unless they are quite open or interested in my culture...my asian accent,I guess,is a DLV..I feel sometimes,that I must have something attractive in my armour which can be a HUGE DHV...like magic or something that catches attention...ofcourse,I know that strong GAME is enough...but I donot find time to study all material because of my job....

    I live in a shared apartment with some guys and girls...all european....I realised that people donot feel so comfortable with me..for reasons...I donot spend so much time with them because of my work....then sometimes my communication is very bad because of bad state...and also may be because I am from poor asian cuntry...Its a DLV...I felt this very obvious when one Italian guy moved in....very shortly,people like him...especially,girls...I guess it may be because europeans are some how always charmed by italian stuff...I recognised in many other cases also...european girls just adore Italian guys and give them huge IOIs...

    coming back to Italian guy in our house...he is very loud...I guess loud communication has good alpha effect.....

    I have to agree that living with europeans is spoiling my state...for some reason I feel invisible...I donot know if its my personal feeling....ofcourse I learn many things about socialising from them....thats positive....

    so many questions about improvement..I donot know if I ever get even one HB8+ blonde before I turn 30....Life sucks....I know that if I leave my demanding job today and concentrate on Game 100% and take small job,I can definitely become a MASTER...but I donot think thats right thinking...

    any comments,Guys?

  3. Session 10:

    Approaches:2(0 nr close)

    Went around one shopping mall hoping to open someone outside stores because I am always opening someone inside stores.Its time to change.But couldnot do it.So went into one store and missed one hot MILF.Then went into another store and opened one ugly MILF for practise.She said she is married but who cares.Then went around and saw super HOTTT 35+ in business wear.But couldnot dare.Then went around again.After a while pushed myself to open one normal looking BBW.She blushed like hell.I continued convo and saw that after 5 minutes,she is feeling comfortable.But phone rang.I stood there and her hubby came and she introduced me to him.I just wished them goodluck and ejected.Now in high state.came out of stores and went around in free area in shopping mall to push myself and open.But couldnot open.Saw many sets.Anyway,kinda OK day.

    Have to warm up and start risking more to open real HBs rather than lower quality women.

  4. #14

    Try to be a little bit more positive about your approaches. When you approaching new girl, she doesn't know you, she doesn't know that maybe you have some negative emotional baggage, or that maybe 5 girls in row rejected you. For her you absolutely new guy. The only way she can see your past negativity is if you show it to her and drag it into your interactions.

    Also, don't worry for you being an immigrant, I am immigrant myself and have Slavic accent when talking on English and still it all doesn't matter. It is all in your head.

    One last suggestion that I have is might be not norm on those boards, is to try not direct approaches. I know we are on AF's and direct approach is love systems brand and direct approaches very addictive because they how confident man should act, but you seems to have very strong case of AA, indirect will lower pressure and allow you at the first stages just to have normal conversation with the girl and practice you transitioning, talking, humor, dhv and other soft skills. Once you are good at them you can always move back to the direct.

  5. Thanks for your inputs Bogs.I will try to follow your suggestions.I know that its in our head but sometimes life feels low and you tend hit yourself hard.The reason I felt so bad is:Before I did last two posts,I met my contact and he brought one super hott blonde HB9 and introduced as friend to everybody.It seems like date.I felt so depressed that day because I even had problem just to make eye contact with her.I felt so bad about myself that when all people around me are dating or atleast dated some hot girls and I have problem,just to make eye contact.I am very adventurous but when it comes to girls...I am bad.

    But anyway recovered next day from those neg thoughts and understood that I have to keep moving and everybody is different.Back again.

    Session 11:
    Duration:1hr 15 min
    Approaches:2(nr close:1)

    Went to one shopping mall.Started walking around.AA again.walked in and out but couldnot open.Then finally spotted one MILF and opened her.She seems to be drunk.What the hell...she is drunk at 19.00 in a food store.She is OK.Talked a while and number closed.May be a fuck* addict.

    Saw many super HOTT MILFs...but couldnot dare to open.Finally opened one MILF walking outside a store and just ejected.This is my second approach outside a store.Felt Good.

    Start to feel that I am improving with approaches.

    But Long way ahead.

    1.Have to fix clothes.
    2.Start approaching high quality MILFs and young girls(inside and outside stores,streets etc)
    3.Start reading stuff related to my job.

  6. Session 12:
    Duration:1.5 hour
    Approaches:2(1 nr close)

    Been studing stuff related to my job.Thought of daygaming 1 hr to complete goal of 5 approaches/week for this week(I already have 4 so far).went to city.walked around a bit.Then spotted one young girl(not a HB) in a store...openedand had good convo...I donot know why I got excited and lost control over my frame...but followed the game model....found out that she is trainer for my house mate...fuck....I actually heard that she is very inspirational from my housemate(girl)...told her the same...then told her I will not hit on her in funny way...then said I would like to go for coffee because I heard so good about her(I made up my mind that I want to keep her as friend as she have good social value as she is trainer)...she said she have bf but would like to go for coffee as friend...I observed funny stuff...she moved so near to me physically during the convo...and said I have to call her for coffee...hurrah...started calibrating women and IOIs in day game...but I was so excited during convo that I donot have so strong frame..I was thrown offbalance as she is my housie's trainer....That feeling stayed in my body for a while and couldnot game....It happens rarely for me...Then sat down and calmed down and then went around and wanted to open moving sets in shopping mall...went and opened one woman...she is not happy as she gestured negative but she is immigrant...I know how some immigrant women are as I am immi also....some immi women are very tight...Its OK ...my goal is done....

    strange thing happened in evening...we had house party(I am sharing with some guys and girls)...one guys friend HB8.5-9 (mentioned in previous post) came...she tried to strike convo with me some times...she did same with some other...I think she is bad in starting convo....even HBs are insecure..not a new lesson though...I observed one more time that I am awkward to start convo with BLOND HB8,9,10s even if they take inititative...practise is the best way out....all of us are talking and suddenly one other HB6 said that she is moving to Paris and its so many black people living there...this HB9 continued that convo saying she hates blacks...browns are OK...she said it seriously...then HB6 asked what is it she didnot like...HB9 replied its the color and its cool to be white(I think she joked this part)....I am shocked....my state was good and cocky whole evening....I reacted strongly and said that its not OK and I am will throw her from house if she ever says its again in our house...she was shocked....she said it was joke..but I felt her first statements were serious but her last statement was joke...anyway,somehow,I didnt like...so I left....she came after 5 minutes and apologised and said its a joke but I said I donot accept her apology as it didnt felt like it was a joke....I left from there into city with a thought of going to clubs but my mind is lost...came home again...they are still partying...I just went to bed....Dont know if I did right....I generally stay quite in these types of situations but sometimes,I react strongly....one oppurtunity to become friends with HB8.5-9 lost as she is party girl and also invited me for dinner in her home next week...interestingly,she have many asian friends...I am not so concerned about loosing the chance but mostly concerned if I did right or wrong ...

  7. Session 13:
    Duration 1hr
    Approaches:Two(1 nr close)

    Nr closed one average looking MILF.For my eyes,she is attractive because of piercings...she can be a good example for how we should peacock..had long talk with her.she seems to have troubled past.
    opened one moving cute MILF.She is busy and running somewhere.laughed and left.

    Session 14:
    Duration:30 min

    am in very bad state psychologically because of the incident from Session 12.keep remembering it.very down.stopped gaming as I feel like someone sucked my energy out of me.

    Session 15:
    Approaches:1(0 nr close)

    approached one oldwoman.opened and spoke for a whle and convo died.eject.

    couldnot open any.bad state because of incident in session 12.

  8. Have to make a point that all numbers till today are flakes.I am not so disappointed either as I am a beginner.The yoga teacher I didnot call her yet for coffee eventhough I will treat her as friend.

  9. I am going to London tommorrow.wanna shop clothes.Donot have so great clothes today.Shoes.Glasses.Good Phone.

  10. ok Guys...

    did shopping in London.just got shocked by how much gaming u can do in big cities.sets every minute.good for new beginners.shopped some stuff and gamed little bit at the same time.But women are not so receptive.May be because they are gamed toomuch.Direct gamed some sets in shopping malls.Mostly MILFs but hot MILFs.everyone just went away after opener.May be they are gamed alot already.Ofcourse,I shouldnot judge after just 2 days of gaming experience.That too I was really tired after walking alot for shoping.

    Interesting thing happened.I direct opened one portugese girl on way to London.Her english is bad.she didnot understand anything.I helped her to find her way to centrallondon.she gave me her number.she is may be HB6 with nice tight body.she lives in portugal but at present came to my town because of studies.she is on visit to London.I called her today.she said she will take me to party tommorrow.Lets see what happens.But I think she is a liar as she have nice diamond ring on her ring finger and she says she is single.I am really DAMN exhausted because of all day game and also shopping in London.May be need a break.

    Need to really start opening young girls.Its waste of time to open MILFs as they subconsciously are looking for guys of their own age and young guys really need tight game to convince them.Young girls subconsciously look for young guys.But it feels so fucking hard to win over my demonic fear to game young girls.May be its time.

    One more Lesson.Have to start concentrating again on job,health,self esteem.Game should come after these things as these things anyway improve our game.Because of all day gaming,I lost track of these important things.I am not jogging,nottaking care of myself.

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