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    Here's some food for thought man,

    1. I have a friend who did 400-500 day-time approaches over a year, only got 1 or 2 dates out of it. (got laid once though) His approach game was pretty good.
    so don't get too hard on your self.


    2. Are you spending time hanging out with guys who are better at pickup than you? People who can help you correct your posture / voice / eye contact etc?
    This will make a big diff. in your improvement rate


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    At the supermarket....

    Set 71

    Usually it's pretty busy right after rush hour, but today this place is lacking talent. Finally a tall, stunning blond strutted in. She's at least 6ft tall. She went over to try some sample food.

    PX: What do you think?
    HB: blah, blah..
    PX: Don't try that one, it's no good.
    PX: Hey, you know I just saw you when I was walking by, and I thought you have an interesting look so I wanted to come by and find out what you are like.
    HB: Interesting? What do you mean...

    This approach was so,so. I wanted to trying something different - open situationally and quickly transition into direct. I want to mix up my opener a bit so they won't feel stale.

    Set 72

    Really, really low on talent. Finally just approach a moderately cute Indian girl. She was married. I told her she should divorce her husband, take half the money, and come with me. She was like, no, we just got married. Oh well.

    Set 73

    Saw an Asian girl. I wasn't too interested, but decided to open her just to practice my BL and eye contact. She was friendly, but has a BF. I pushed the conversation a little just for fun, and I think she had a little fun chatting.

    Set 74

    Finally I went to check out my grocery. While waiting I line I saw past the checkout counter a very pretty girl sitting by herself. Thoughts started racing through my mind, "Should I approach? All these people including the employee are gonna see me."

    I chatted up the check out girl a bit, paid, and went over. I sat down, did my FTC, then opened her direct. She was very open and friendly. We chatted for a while. all this time I have a gallon of water sitting on my lap. I made sure not to stay on one topic too long. I asked her what you does for fun (I never felt comfortable with this question), but it worked in this situation. This opened up another topic for us to vibe on. At some point I felt I over stayed my welcome, but I figure just for practice I am gonna grind it out a bit longer. But she said she need to get back to what she's doing. I #closed her. I wouldn't say this is a "solid" close, but I haven't gotten a "willing" #close like this in a while. Very beautiful girl with a nice vibe.


    I feel like I am slowly overcoming the anxiety of people seeing me approach. I was very proud of my last approach. Whether it's a solid close or not, all the people around who saw me approach and # closed must be pretty impressed.

    I really want to have more interactions like this where I really practice my conversation with women. I still felt a bit stuck in my head, thinking of things to ask and say.

    It's a long road. Even though I said I am gonna practice my BL, tonality, and eye contact. By the time I opened the girl, I totally forget what I am suppose to practice. I think I am gonna have to start doing visualization exercises. Hopefully that will help me automate these responses.

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    I appreciate the perspective you gave me. I totally respect your friend who made 500 approaches in one year. That alone shows a lot of character. At the same time, it makes me wonder why some people improve so fast while others so slowly. I am not talking about baseline talents like a tall good looking guy vs. a short ugly guy. Sometimes I just feel like I tell myself to do something, but once I am in set I just don't do what I set out to do.

    I am gonna stick out my 100 approaches, but after that I am definitely looking for a wing that is a little better than me. I'll make sure that's a priority, I don't want to waste time/approaches making the same mistake over and over again.

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    I took couple of days off for different social activities. It was cool to take a break from gaming but still being social. Today I called up my wing and met up at the mall.

    I opened this girl sitting down reading. I just opened with, "What are you reading?" Once I showed that I am genuinely curious about her book, I grab it, and sat down. It felt pretty natural. I #closed her. There wasn't enough time to build good rapport since she had to go meet a friend.

    Set 75

    I saw this beautiful blond girl with her friend. I wanted to force myself to open a 2 set direct, but her friend got ahead of her to browse something else. I opened her. She was warm and friendly, but she was leaving town tomorrow. I ejected. I should have played with her more for fun.

    Set 76

    I saw another cute girl at Crate and Barrel with 2 other friends. She had really nice tanned legs too. I wasn't that confident with my approach, but I just wanted to practice approaching groups. I opened her, and ejected. Her friend was like,"Oh, that's nice." I will slowly build up courage to stick out these group direct openings.

    Set 77

    I approached this girl standing alone texting. I think my body language and energy was good. She laughed at my jokes for the most part, but I sense that she was not completely enamored. I went for the #close, and she brought up the BF. I told her she deserve more than one BF. She laughed and said she can only handle one.

    I really should practice qualifying in these interactions. I didn't feel strong attraction, but I should go through the motion of qualifying.

    Set 78

    Moving set. She thanked me and kept walking. The only thing I can think of correcting is that I may have gestured with my hands too much. Other than that, shrug.

    Set 79

    I sat down with my wing, and there was a single girl eating alone. I approached her. Of course she was a hired gun. I am gonna stop going direct on girls eating alone. It seems like 9/10 times they are hired guns on break.

    She was friendly, but I could not keep up the romantic energy. Maybe stronger eye contact?? I could be better with monologue too - just talk, talk interesting stuff. I am not sure how to to that. The energy of the set died, and I went for a failed #close.

    I opened a girl reading with a situational opener. It went pretty smooth. She got her food, but was keen on talking. I #closed her. Unfortunately she's going on vacation tomorrow. WTF?

    Set 80

    I approached this cute girl direct. At that time I was kind of sick of using that same direct opener. It didn't come out well at all. She gave me the, "Ohkay. Thanks" response. Man, I need to be less reaction seeking when I open.

    Set 81

    Having learned my mistake from the last set, I opened this one with a slightly different but genuine opener. I commented on how elegantly she walks, and I asked her if she's a dancer. She ate it all up. She's not super hot, but got a highly bangable body. I was kind of caught up in the high of her positive reaction, and I failed to qualify her. I went for the #close which was easy, but I am not sure if it's solid.

    The whole session took about 3 1/2 hours including sitting down for dinner. I am too tired to review my day. I felt productive today though. I am on pace to finish my 100 approaches.

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    Just wanted to help you out with boyfriend problem. Use boyfriend destroyers but have serious face when you say them let her crack laughing first: here are some good one,tested:
    " i only know you for a minute and you already telling me about your problem"
    "oh you one of those? pause till she ask what you mean then continue " i have a boyfriend too, we should totally hook them up while we going for coffee"
    "oh that's nice,he can cook us dinner sometime(with wink face)"

    Here are some pointers when you ask women for number and she agrees to give it to you. When she done putting it in i always say :"is this a number you usually answer?"(always positive reaction) she replies then i dial it right in front of her
    Always try to give her nickname or even put yourself a nickname on her phone

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    respect to your project man, interesting

    but wouldn't it sound better 10 laids, then 100 approaches?

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    Yea, I am gonna have to try some BF destroyers. I think some, not a lot, of girl use BF as a sh-t test. Busting through that will give me a few more opportunities.

    AA1 - I can't be thinking about lays right now. My fundamentals are still totally crap - bad body language, not projecting a more dominant masculine vibe, cannot create a memorable emotional experience for a girl. Trust me, the 3 numbers I got yesterday, I want to f-the-sh-t out of all 3 girls. But looking back, I should have pushed them harder, get blown out, learn something from it. Instead I basked in the warm, fuzzy feeling of get a number. Most likely they'll all flake.

    Yesterday was kind of confusing. It was good int that my conversation flowed pretty well, that's why I could get the #s easily. But this leads to a bigger question that I will post for the more advanced guys - in the spectrum of getting a quick# to instant date and possibly same day lay, which method is more productive?

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    I got out of work early today. I decided to go to my less favorite mall. It's just harder to find non-moving sets there.

    Set 82

    Opened a girl at H&M. I think my direct opener is just getting stale. I really cannot tell a girl that she's "really cute" with enthusiasm. Anyways, this set opened blah, the girl was polite, but it died out quickly.

    Set 83

    I approached this cute Asian girl at XXI. She was awkward, and quickly walked away. My BL was not super tight, but I felt it was ok. I think she's just uncomfortable with strangers.

    Set 84

    I went to the Bed Bath Beyond. It was pretty empty. I finally saw this exotic looking women.

    PX - "You have a very exotic look, blah, blah."

    She said she's from NYC.

    PX- "That's not very exotic."

    I felt my BL was decent, my vocal projection felt free. I think she's one of those girls who get a lot of complements. Anyways, she started going back to the pillows and linens. I told her,"Well, maybe we can get coffee sometimes where there are no pillows to distract you."

    She wanted me to add her on FB.

    I told her, "Why don't I call you?"
    She's like, "I don't just give my # out to anyone."
    I said, "I am not just anyone."

    Haha, I felt like pushing the issue while being fun and flirtatious. Anyways, she just confirmed me as a friend on FB. Whatever that's worth.

    Set 85

    I went to the food court to get some dinner. I had to wait 5 minutes for the noodles to be ready. I saw a blond girl eating by herself. I approached her. She wasn't even that cute. She said she just wanted to eat real quick. I thought about getting up and leave, but then I told her I am waiting for my noodles anyways so I am just gonna sit here. I asked her what I did wrong. She said - nothing, she just has a BF. She said it takes a lot of ball to approach. Whatever... I got up and went to get my noodles.

    Set 86

    I was pretty happy with getting 4 approaches in and was on may way out. I saw this blond girl shuffling along in her high heels ahead of me. I picked up my pace to be walking next to her.

    PX looked over - "Hey, how's it going?"

    HB - "Good."

    PX - "I saw you walking ahead of me, and I thought, that girl is kind of cute."

    HB - "Oh, thanks."

    I fist bumped her since we both had crap in out hands. We talked for 1 minute before she wanted to go to another store.

    I was happy with experimenting something different. It opened pretty smoothly, but the problem is I cannot get the girl to stop. ???? Maybe I can just say,"That was a short conversation. Want to get a cup of coffee after you are done shopping?" ????


    I was pretty happy with my efficiency today. 5 approaches in 2 hours. Getting a little better with my BL. Maybe I need to work on my opening attraction humor??? Arrgghhh. Stupid girls. So frustrating.

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    A very strange day today at the supermarket....

    Set 87

    I saw this blond with nice ass looking at the vegetables, but there were too many employees around. I waited until she walked into an aisle before I approached her.

    P-X: Excuse me. I saw you walking by, and I thought you look really, really cute. So I wanted to come over and say hi.

    (Looking back, I think there is something wrong with that delivery. I am gonna get rid of "say hi." I think it comes across weak. Maybe that's why I am getting so many "I have a BF" off the bat. )

    Anyways, I got - I am sorry, but I have a BF.

    I walked around, got some food. I chickened out on some sets because there were people literally standing right next to them. I was determined to make another approach before I leave. Then I saw, coming through the check out, my on-line booty call. Ugghh, she looked terrible without her make up. I said hi to her. Man, I would never approach her during the daytime if I see her like this.

    After I walked off, I thought to myself - I am gonna approach another girl while she is in the same supermarket. Haha, I am such a cold blooded SOB.

    Set 88

    I finally saw this pleasant looking Asian girl.

    I approached her with a stronger line.

    PX - "Excuse me. I just saw you walking by, and I thought you are really really cute. So I had to come over and find out what you are like."

    The set opened fine. I bantered with her a little. I tried qualifying her, and I found out she doesn't do anything except work. I told her - you need to take a break, why don't I take you out for a drink sometime.

    I got her #. I found out she's more free on weekends. She has a very pleasant personality. She's not gorgeous, but I saw a nice rack under her clothes lol.


    I am still tinkering with my approach. I kind of sucks that I was getting better reactions when I was starting out. It's hard to get rid of the reaction seeking behavior when I am trying to get better result.

    I am gonna have to figure this out. Maybe I am over thinking this. Oh well.

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    I didn't plan on doing approaches, but since I have nothing to eat, I had to go to the supermarket again. I decided not to dress up today. Just wear my sweat pants.

    Once I got there, my instinct to scan for chicks kicked in. I made some situational openers just for the hell of it. I finally decided to approach this fashionably dressed girl

    Set 89

    PX - "Hey, I saw you walking by earlier. I thought you have a really cool style, like kind of European..."
    HB - "Haha, I work at XXX fashion store."

    The cheese guy jumped in and cock blocked me. She was looking at cheese, and this dude start explaining to her what's good. I didn't know what to do. But my lesson was - hey, it wasn't that bad to have the employee cock block you. Life still goes on.

    I saw an average looking girl scooping up chicken from the salad bar section.

    PX - "Hey, you gonna take all the good ones and leave me the bad ones."
    Girl - "No, there are plenty of good ones left."
    PX- "I can't tell the good from the bad anyway. I treat all chicken equally."
    Girl - "I am very discriminate with my chicken."
    PX- "Ummhum, you are probably that way with people too."
    Girl - "Nooo, just with chicken."

    I couldn't keep it going after that. She walked away.


    It was good to go out, not showered, wearing crappy clothes, and still approached. I felt pretty loose today, especially with my indirect approaches.

    I like to figure out how to transition these situational approaches. Overall though, I am starting to settle into a mix of situational/social style + direct. I feel pretty congruent with this.

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