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    Quote Originally Posted by cagalindo View Post

    Oakley Monster Dog
    Oakley Hoodie
    Guess Tee
    Beige Khakis
    Black Nike Tennis (cant see em)

    Do I match?
    Just for an average day going out/to work (causal work place)

    and yea the pose, lol
    Dude, don't take this the wrong way but you're a good looking guy. To improve your look, I have some constructive criticism:

    ditch the cargos. ask any women what kind of body on a man they like, they'll universally say V shape torso turns them on. You've got it, but you're hiding it with those pants. Because the pants are loose and have extra pockets on the side, they make your legs look bigger and your torso smaller in comparison. I understand that this is just for work, but you can find better fitting (tighter) casual khakis. They make khakis in a low rise bootcut that make guys legs/butt look great. If you don't have a pair of low rise boot cut jeans or pants in your wardrobe, i'd definitely recommend getting some. Go shopping with a girl friend and she'll tell you what looks best on you.

    Just my 2 cents only trying to help.

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    What is up with you always dressing like that? That look is getting old fast.

    Have your shirts tailored.

  3. no offense, but you dress like you're going to tea with a relative....it's hella safe and um, cute. dress down a bit. you also look really young. grow some stubble if you can.

  4. Haven't shaved in a few days, decided to take a pic.

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  5. well, it looks like u forgot to wash ur face or that u have some type of pubic hair starting to come in

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    Wow, a good choice for Hot Chicks with Douchebags

    If only that pic had a hot chick

  7. So it looks like I should be with a hot chick I guess? Thanks for the compliment.

  8. Picture is a few months old (I've got my hair a little shorter now), but pretty much what I wore the other day.


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