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    I use Azzaro Chrome and get a lot of compliments.


  2. definitely wear Axe and ADG if you wanna smell like every other guy that wears cologne.

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    Don't laugh now.

    I find "Paris Hilton - For Men" being a very good cologne, and I get a lot of compliments on how I smell.
    I know, It's Paris Hilton, but it was actually the best one I could find, except from one called Creed (Didn't have enough money on me for that one).
    The Paris Hilton Cologne make you smell like a man, but not too much (No heavy smell of something like diesel or oil).

  4. Angel by Thierry Mugler...The Red bottle. I have had women literally slam into me in stores. I went to a Black Label Society Concert and had 5 different women all over me to the point where my friends just couldnt believe i had never met them before.

    Every one of my friend that i let borrow it have had women offer numbers. It's spicy and has a Cinnamon tint to it. Its hard at first...then about 20 mins later it calms down a little and smells good but is not slap you in the face aggressive.

    Gucci Por Homme also gets compliments..but I havent seen the reactions that the Angel gets. Women often dont like the first layer of it..but about 20 mins later they really like it. My ex hated it in the store. A few days later she smelled on me about an hr after I put it on and she was into it.

    Colognes have many scents. So its good to get samples and and wait about 3-4 hours before you decide. They often have 3 layers. The first scent..then they change..and they may change again before they die off. Its good to know. You may have to apply it in different intervals to get the most out of it.

    I thought about pheromones and if you take into account how they work..the women with the greatest chance of producing a child will be the most attracted. Ovulation causes hormones to rise and she her body should seek out the guy that has strong hormones as well. That can make sex pretty There is a lot of debate about whether they actually work.

  5. Fahrenheit by Christian Dior.

    there is something so carnal about it

  6. The cologne that I use and I've recommended to other friends of mine is

    Yves Saint Laurent - L'Homme ..... it smells extremely good, and will get the girls going crazy. Trust me, its field tested

  7. I find Fierce and Jake by Hollister (especially at college) both to work very well.

    To most compliments I use a simple thank you.

  8. I use Hannae Mori - HM the result is the same, also I found Cuba Paris is awesome too.. just the way girls look at you on the street or some just come up and start convo!

  9. Usher.
    Dark and simple.

    The hollister and stuff from stores like that smell like cleaning products to me, and a LOT of people wear it.

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    Hey mate,

    I use 1 million by Paco Rabanne. The lady who sold it to me said the perfume contains pheromones that are meant to drive women wild.

    When I was at the store with Tawl, he and I opened up a few sets after we sprayed this thing on ourselves. Every girls face lit up like a Christmas Tree everytime we did an approach.

    The girl who was serving us was in heat and wanted to sniff my neck all the time.

    Hope this helps! Also, stay away from the more popular brands like Armani, Clavin Kein etc. every bloke is wearing that stuff now and feedback from girls say they're getting bored of it.


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