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    There not just working on their looks, look how confident these guys are, granted they take care of themselves and are good looking,but they are so fucking confident, theyhave SP etc quote 'i saw you talking to loads of girls in here'
    Dude, living a lifetime with good looks makes you confident. Wherever you go, girls check you out and sucks in whatever the fuck you say. I wouldn't call that real game.
    What I'm trying to say, is that it's not that interesting to see a fucking stud walk up to a girl and say "Hi can I have your number?" and she says (directely or indirectly - your choice), "Of course Mr. Handsome, do you like it with handcuffs or no?"
    I'm pushing it to the extremes here, but basically, that's what's happening with some (most) of these guys.
    I wanna see som real skills, it would make the show much more exciting. An average Joe who's a friggin conversational master and can control his frame, revert hoops and has a tight fucking skillset whatsoever. Give Tyler Durden a call, now that would be MONEY!


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    The white guy in epo. #4 HAS GAME. period. He uses his looks to his advantage, duh.

  3. The big black guy has definitely read PUA material. It's sad how he is pretending like he came up with this stuff on his own. He is a likable guy though.
    Episode 4 has been my favorite thus far. Both guys are really fun to watch and are just out to have a good time.

  4. Bad luck for the next episode. Josh "the model" is competing with Hodge "the actor". Both above average looking. I hope, they come up with some great moves, but I think, this is not gonna happen.

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    hey guys go to there are all four episodes uploaded if you watn to watch

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    Sinn or TD need to be on this show. The things these guys do in field would blow people away. It wouldnt even really be much competition although it'd be fucking amazing to watch.

  7. Episode 4 was great, for sure BUT if anything Mark should have won. The man was creative, fun, energetic and not just a brick wall like kyle. Honestly guys, go through the episode and you'll see that Kyle really didn't do anything the whole night.
    He got the first number just by asking, second game he got rejected and third game didn't display anything extraordinary as a seduction technique. I'm no professional on the game, BUT Mark definitely was the much more suave and creative of the two, hands down!
    However like many of you are saying i completely agree that Kyle in particular simply had looks for his game. He was confident DEFINITELY, but like someone said earlier confidence isn't earned when you have killer looks like Kyle does. The man just plows women for their numbers........and while he's definitely alpha and an AMOG, his verbal game is very weak. But to each their own, kudos to the man for keepign in shape and everything, definitely important qualities to attract women.

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    What? Confidence for these guys definitly stems from looks. Plowing? What plowing did he do? Other then pathetic game that probably had the two girls that did give him their numbers regretting it. Oh and the second one took the fucking shotgun to him "I came here alone and I'm leaving alone". If what he did following that was called plowing, then obviously I don't know wtf I'm talking about, and have been misinterpreting everything I've ever read on PU.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by 911Protein View Post
    The white guy in epo. #4 HAS GAME. period. He uses his looks to his advantage, duh.
    for real haha. I'd rather watch a stud like him than a social robot like Tyler Durden! (In response to whoever said he wants to watch someone with a good frame and a good skillset or wahtever).
    Of couse their good looks help their confidence. But if you want to learn what a true alpha male looks like and how they act, look at these guys and learn. I'd rather learn from a natural stud than from a geeky social robot like TD.
    The white guy in episode 4 didnt need gimmicks and tricks. I think thats much better than needing to hypnotise girls... Theres also the guy who was against the hockey stud. He wasnt a model type guy and he did really good. Speaking of that episode, if you dont think the white guy in ep 4 had no game, how come the hockey stud sucked so bad?
    The show is really great and fun to watch! Pumps me up before I go out!
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  10. I'm trying to decide whether the ridiculous amount of bitterness and envy directed at the players (OMG they have no game, just looks!!!!!) is funny or sad.


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