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Discuss Improving my voice at the Culture and Lifestyle within the The Attraction Forums. Dating Advice.; Improving my voice Hey guys, I have a pretty crummy voice and never particually sound ...
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    Improving my voice

    Hey guys,

    I have a pretty crummy voice and never particually sound that great when I talk, and I think it's one of my major stumbling blocks for when I talk to women, so I was wondering if anyone knows the best (and ideally cheapish) way I could improve my voice.


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    I opened this thread because I'm interested in voices. I used to consider my voice to be a major stumbling block. I'm still not particularly happy with it, but I think I've made some significant improvements. My advice would be as follows:

    1) Do you form all of the sounds correctly? I've found Finding Your Voice by Barbara Houseman helpful--she describes exactly what your mouth should be doing. Interestingly, only a few weeks ago, a girl pointed out that I say my "r" with my lips rather than my tongue.

    2) Are you speaking quickly and quietly? When I was a child I used to speak really quickly and quietly. I was anxious for some reason. I've consciously learned to speak slowly and loudly and that's had a huge impact. It's actually quite a hard habit to form. I found it really helped to choose a public speaker I respect and unashamedly emulate them. I chose Christopher Hitchens.

    3) What are you saying? I find it a whole lot easier to speak loudly and clearly when I'm A) giving a prepared speech or B) in the middle of normal relaxed flowing conversation. I think it's because the pressure is off. I'd definitely recommend Impro by Keith Johnstone--this is one of my favorite books--which tries to teach actors how to improvise conversation (generally by removing the psychological barriers which are preventing you from having conversation).

    4) Practice. Record yourself. I still do this every few months. I record myself speaking into my phone and play it back to see how I sound. Also try to get an opportunity to give a prepared speech in front of an audience.

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