Need some wings in stockton and lodi

Wats good guyz

I havent been sarging for a while and I'm looking for ways to get back up to speed. And I need to build up my social circle again. I mostly want to go and sarge the mall (its got about a 7.5 on the target rich scale) down in stockton and there is another mall across the street so that would be even better for sarging. Not to mention its got some perfect bouncing areas cuz the whole street is covered in little coffie shops and resturaunts. But I'm not up to bouncing right now anyway.

I just need to get over some AA issues again and I want a wing for some social proff and mutual support(that sounded cheezy).

And since im young for a PUA I dont really care how old you are(just be under or around 25) as long as your not a needy person)

And as of now I have no ride so bring one if need be but I have my own ways of getting home.

So hit me up if you dare.