Looking for fellow PUA eastBay

Looking for fellow PUA eastBay

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    Looking for fellow PUA eastBay

    Hey all, im here for the summer since I just got off school. I am 20 y/o, and looking to chill and make some new friends. But a few things im looking for in my future fellow wingmen(s):

    -Willing to learn and critique
    -At least theoretical knowledge of the game
    -Clean and well dressed... ok if you have no sense of style ill give you style.
    -About the same age - 20
    -Live in the BAY
    -Chill to hang out with

    Its not too much to ask, I was deep in the game last summer but had to slow down because of school. Im looking to pick up again, and I am willing to share my experience and knowledge. I dont care about your level of experience, because everybody must start somewhere and work there way up. Before going out to straight up sarge the field, I want to just chill and get to know you first, maybe play some poker or hit up the gym, video games; whatever - because I feel you cannot game in the field unless you know your wingmen
    Hopefully we can build a group a pua/wingmen/long time friends.

    A few things about me:
    -works out
    -Work 4-5 days a week 10-5ish
    -Live somewhat close to oakland
    -Prefers Day Game, (I feel day game is where you can really get to know somebody and not just look for a ons) But I can do night as well.
    -my philosophy isnt to play a girl, its to truly improve yourself and your wingmen in all aspects of life; at the same time broadening your horizons and connections.
    -Just have fun.
    -Natural game no canned corny shit
    -I would rate myself a 5 or 6 in the game, out of 10. So there is definitely room for improvement. Ive had my fcloses, and my fair share of kcloses. Each one teaching me something new, that I want to share with you guys.

    (Im not just looking for 1, i want to build up a group and hit up the bay together)
    hit me up with a pm and lets make this summer one to remember. Peace

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