Bars and Clubs in San Jose, CA


Fahrenheit: Expensive drinks (around $11). Good dance floor, nice interior. Very few female 2 and 3 sets. Women come here for birthdays and things, so be good enough to approach large groups or groups with a lot of big guys.

San Jose Bar & Grill: Well lit, has a very bar feel most nights. Fri/sat they turn off the lights and pretend it's a club. Drinks are well priced. This is a good warm-up spot.

Toon's: Tons of dance space, okay seating. Music isn't too loud. Women are friendly, but mostly HB5-7. Also a good warm-up spot. Pool tables. Good bartenders and pretty cheap.

Voodoo Lounge: Drinks are so-so (bartenders suck). There's a lounge on the 2nd floor, a stage and a small dance floor. Tons of couches and set-back booths. The women are always friendly here. The men all wear white shirts and sideways hats, be warned. Loud music. Usually no or small cover.

Others to note:
Britannia Arms (always a ton of people outside, but more of a 30s crowd).


Straits: Too expensive for the venue, but always packed. Music is too loud to talk to anybody. If you're going to go here, walk through the outside seating area and pick targets there.

Hotel Valencia: No cover, but dress code strictly enforced (unless you can show a hotel card). Drinks well priced for the venue, and a ton of great seating (including heated patio, secluded rooms).

If you know anything about ones I've left off the list, feel free to add.