Bay Area California

I'd like to give some of my feedback to fellow members about the BAY AREA - California area, here in the bay the night of the week makes or breaks a club / lounge / bar, the bar area id say has a very diverse population so you can go to some areas where there are more caucasian, asian, hispanic, middle eastern i'd like to share a few with you guys and what nights.
Tuesday Nights:
Lounge: Cucinnis
Where: Downtown San Jose
Cover: $2 Tuesdays, $2 beers and shots
Who: Majority id say would be Hispanic and Middle Eastern (persian)
Age: Average would be 21 - 30
What: 2 Seperate Bars, 2 Seperate Dance Areas, 1 Very large outdoor patio where you can get a Hooka, Id say around 10 patio sets outside
Ratio: I'd say maybe 1 girl to every 2 guys on a GOOD night
Bar: Baslows
Where: Downtown Campbell
Cover: None
Who: Majority id say would be Caucasian
Age: Id say the average would be 26 - 35
What: Small dive bar however very crowded on a Kareoke night
Ratio: 1 girl to 2 guys,
Bar: BBC (i think was the name)
Where: Downtown Palo Alto
Cover: None
Who: Majority id say would be Caucasian students from STANFORD university
Age: 21 - 25
What: 2 Bars, 1 small patio 1 big dance area 1 small lounge area
Ratio: 1:1
Thursday Nights
Lounge: Tiki/Smoke
Where: Downtown San Jose
Who: Majority id say would be Asian and Hispanic
Age: 21 - 28
What: 2 Bars, 1 Large Dancing Area, 1 Large Patio
Cover: 5 bucks after 11 i think
Ratio: 1:2
Bar: V-Bar
Where: Hotel Valencia Santana Row, San Jose
Who: Maybe most diverse area
Age: 21 - 35
What: 2 Bars, Big lounge area, No dance floor, 1 Large patio with tons of spots to sit
Cover: None
Ratio: 1:2
Friday Nights
Where: Rosie McCanns, Santana Row San Jose
Who: Diverse group maybe more (persians, caucasian, and asian)
What: 2 Bars, 1 Decent size outside patio, 1 tight loung area, 1 decent size dance floor
Ratio: 1:1
Here's a few places ill add to the list when i get more consistency out of the places these are places ive been to a few times so i can give a better average to you guys. As far as the ratio is concerned remember they call San Jose MAN Jose because we are the majority here, all the more reason to be able to stand out right?