Vox & House Exclusive $29 Day Game & Inner Game Seminar - INFIELD VIDEO

Learn the foundations to meeting and attracting beautiful women, ANYWHERE!

SPECIAL EVENT: LOW COST ($29) Love Systems 1-day seminar presented by David Vox & House

CLICK HERE for details: Mini-Seminar - Dating Coach Vox

Hi guys,

I've put together a very special one day seminar with House that we'll be presenting in San Francisco on Thursday 26th June 2014, 7:30 - 9:30pm.

We've made this event very low cost to allow as many people to attend and get the most out of it as possible!

The goal is to allow as many people as possible to:

  • Experience many of the cutting edge Love Systems techniques on success with girls
  • Experience big paradigm shifts in your current beliefs
  • Learn a simple yet proven way to meet and attract the kind of beautiful women that you deserve
  • And ultimately, present to you an event that will truly change your dating life in an enjoyable and easily digestible format

We'll be teaching you the three foundations for how to meet and have success with beautiful women, anywhere!


We've even filmed us talking to girls so that not only will you learn the cutting edge techniques we use to meet and date hot girls, you can actually SEE them in action through the use of in-field video.

This will not be released anywhere else! This is an exclusive chance to SEE for yourself these techniques in action.

CLICK HERE for details: Mini-Seminar - Dating Coach Vox

The benefits you'll get from the seminar are:

  • Have the confidence to go up to any girl in any situation, anywhere
  • Use advanced body language techniques to attract your ideal woman
  • Learn how to change your self-image and beliefs so that you are naturally attractive all the time in any situation
  • Achieve CHOICE in your dating life and meet the BEAUTIFUL women that YOU DESERVE
  • Stop wondering how to get the girl and always know what you need to do
  • Through in-field footage, actually see how it works and how we use these techniques to get the girl

There will be an added option (details TBC at the seminar) to go out with the myself and House afterwards!

This seminar is one of the BIGGEST values Love Systems have put out there and We'd really like for you guys to be a part of it.

We wanted to keep this seminar as cheap as possible so the price of these events will be just $29!

For further information on these events and to book your seat, please visit the seminar page:

CLICK HERE for details: Mini-Seminar - Dating Coach Vox

I look forward to seeing you at the seminar!

Best Regards,
David Vox