REVOLUTIONARY San Francisco - Day and Night Game - SUPERCAMP - Dec 9 - 11

Finally, learn NIGHT GAME and DAY GAME

in one bootcamp


Dec. 9 - 11, feat. Love Systems #1 Instructor - Nick Hoss

This is the first Love Systems bootcamp to combine NIGHT GAME and DAY GAME. By the end of this program, you will have the skills to approach any woman in any situation. Nick will save you time and money with this one weekend experience.

You also get the theory behind approaching so you can leave bootcamp on a path to SUCCESS. No longer wonder why an interaction didn't go well. You'll have double the chance for better results.

This program will have you controlling your approach anxiety after approaching women in a variety of situations. It's your chance to cash in on a rare opportunity that won't be advertised elsewhere.

"Nick Hoss is one of the most talented guys at day game and one of the best dating coaches I've ever come across. His genuineness, respect, tenacity and charm shine through - both with women and with clients he teaches. I rarely see guys more dedicated to their pursuits than him."

- Jeremy Soul, author of Daytime Dating: Never Sleep Alone and creator of Love Systems' Day Game Seminar

"The mark of a good instructor is the feedback he receives from his students. The mark of a great instructor is the feedback he receives from fellow dating coaches. As a fellow dating coach, I can say that Nick has a very analytical approach to the game... Working with Nick is a no-brainer."

- Cam Adair, a.k.a Elektro, Kingpin Social


In this revolutionary bootcamp, Nick will arm you with a complete arsenal of PERSONALIZED techniques and secrets to help you put an end to frustration in your dating life!

Subjects include (but are not limited to):

  • Friday Afternoon:

  • Inner Game to build a foundation for success
  • Night Game Opening and receive Nick's #1 Openers
  • How to get instant attraction
  • Conversation and Storytelling Exercises to improve your stories

  • Friday Night:

  • See Live Infield Night Club Demos from Nick and his team
  • Night Game Infield Training

  • Saturday Mid-Day:

  • Friday Night Breakdown and Personal Analysis
  • Day Game Opening, Transitioning and Attraction
  • How you can form Emotional Connections
  • How to get Phone Numbers

  • Saturday Afternoon:

  • See Live Infield Day Game Demos from Nick and his team
  • Day Game Infield Training

  • Saturday Night:

  • Night Game Opening and receive Nick's #1 Openers
  • Night Game Infield Training

  • Sunday Afternoon:

  • That's 12 HOURS of infield practice!

You'll also get...


If you had access to the richest seduction information database, how much could you improve?

This is a fantastic opportunity to continue to learn and improve long after your program.

The Love Systems Lounge features and online encyclopedia highlighting original articles back to the days before "The Game" even existed! The Lounge is a GOLD MINE of information.

Nick has been acclaimed as giving the best answers to students on the Lounge message board twice in 2011! This is a huge VALUE not offered by other companies.

This amount of infield training and comprehensive theory and exclusive Lounge access should retail at close to $4500 and the days of infield could retail for $3600 alone.

Because I want YOU to benefit as much as I have from the techniques that we'll share, you're able to attend the full 3 days of seminar plus BONUS infield for only $2999.

"Let me first just say that Nick Hoss knows his shit. He is one of VERY few instructors who is a master of both night and day game . Knowing this I made it a priority to attend his seminar. No surprise when I got there it was packed."

-J Intrigue, Former Seminar Attendee and Love Systems student, The Attraction Forums

Who is teaching?

Nick Hoss is a Los Angeles-based instructor who teaches for Love Systems full-time, internationally. For those of you who don't know, he was voted Love Systems #1 INSTRUCTOR at the 2011 PUA Super Conference. He has an undying dedication to his students.

With over 3 years of learning, Nick has mastered all night game tactics from opinion openers to direct game. He also is credited as one of the world's greatest day game instructors and a lead instructor on Love Systems Project Rockstar. Learn his constant day game innovations that have been critically acclaimed by Savoy.

Nick has the uncanny ability to dissect students interactions on the spot, reveal sticking points that you never knew existed, and give practical ways to overcome them. On top of that, this is a rare opportunity to see live demonstrations from a master. You can wing with the world's best!

"There are only a few people in this world who have the ability and are also as dedicated to guiding others with learning game as Nick Hoss. This man was truly vital in my transformation from someone who possessed extreme approach anxiety, had low self-esteem issues and was socially inept around women, to someone who is now being solicited by other Love Systems Approach Coaches to help them improve their Game.

Roughly a year ago, Jeremy Soul strongly advised me to learn as much as possible from Nick Hoss since he and I lived in the same city. I followed and observed Nick Hoss when he went out gaming (both night and day) and I was in complete awe by his social calibration and acumen. Moreover, his ability to analyze, dissect, and explain the underlying science for each of his interactions is simply astonishing. In a short time, through Nick Hoss's encouragement (constantly pushing me into conversations) and teachings, both my gaming ability and my confidence skyrocketed. I have to wholeheartedly thank Nick Hoss for helping me, an Asian fellow who did not understand anything about the western culture of dating, to becoming someone who assisted at this year's Love System Project Rockstar in Sweden."

- Leonhart, long-time client

"It was clear to me that this guy mercilessly knows his stuff... We went through rapid daygaming on the street (5/10 minute interactions) and I can assure you this guy is a walking specialist in that area. What he said made sense and he gave specific examples to help me understand."
-JzLaguna, client, The Attraction Forums

Seats are limited so BOOK NOW!

Remember, as with ALL our Love Systems programs, you get an absolute, 100%, money back guarantee if you don't think this breakthrough program is going to take your game to the next level. Just contact us and we'll refund every penny you paid: that's how sure we are that you'll love this seminar AND that it will sky-rocket your success with women! We also always guarantee a 3 : 1 student to instructor ratio.

If you have any questions about the seminar feel free to send an email to

It's going to be a game-changing event!
See you in San Francisco.

Yours sincerely,

Nick Hoss

Read what others have to say...

The following testimonials came from clients who have actually worked with Nick Hoss (real names have been edited/removed for privacy):

"I went to Nick Hoss' mini-seminar last night and the guy is highly-skilled. He's different- good-hearted, unassuming and HIGHLY EFFECTIVE. I picked up tons of valuable info on day-game, body language and approaching. I will definitely try to get some one-on-ones with him."
- DerekSean, Former Mini-Seminar Attendee turned long-term client, The Attraction Forums

"Nick gave plenty of great information, showed us proper ways to do things, and even answered questions along the way... Nick is going to be a upcoming LS star in day game, I would compare him as a mix between Braddock and Jeremy Soul…Definitely worth it."
-Surffreak, Former Mini-Seminar Attendee, The Attraction Forums

"Simply put, Nick Hoss is awesome. Nick's critiques and insights really hit home... If and when Nick Hoss is running his own workshops for Love Systems I highly recommend you take one. Nothing against Soul but I feel I would have learned equally as much in the field if I only went out with Nick Hoss . He is that good."
-Jay Roscoe, former Bootcamp student, The Attraction Forums

"Not only is Nick a great instructor of Gaming, he now ranks as one of the best instructors I've EVER had. And this is a Cornell grad writing this, folks. He's got everything you want in an instructor: he's been there. He's knowledgeable. He's funny. He's motivated. He's clear and precise. He demonstrates his principles well. He's thorough. He's responsive. He's personable. He's likable. He has humility. You wanna hang with him, you wanna be like him, you wanna learn from him."
-Versatile, former seminar attendee, The Attraction Forums

"Hoss , probably more than any other single figure, helped transform my game more than anyone else. For me, qualifying took all the pieces I have already put in place and magnified them to the point where I picked up a 10 in a club..."
-Sam Fisher, Former Super Conference Attendee and Bootcamp Student, The Attraction Forums