Weekend Wings

Hey guys,
My name is Ecstasy. I have been doing this for a while now and have just now gotten decent at it. I still need to improve my game a lot and I am looking for wings. I don't care what your experience level is, all I care is that you are 21 or have a fake ID and can get into clubs and bars. My plans for this weekend are to hit up Hillcrest/Mission Hills on Thursday and Downtown/Gaslamp on Friday and Saturday. Below is a list of the clubs and bars I'm going to hit. Let me know if you are interested in sarging the area.
E-Mail: usmc_devil_dog_0628@yahoo.com
Phone: (513) 885-7665

Thursday: Hillcrest/Mission Hills

Bar Dynamite
1808 W Washington St.
San Diego, Ca

817 W Washington St.
San Diego, Ca

Kava Lounge
2812 Kettner Blvd.
San Diego, Ca

Friday/Saturday: Downtown/Gaslamp

852 Fifth Avenue
San Diego, Ca

762 Fifth Avenue
San Diego, Ca

Martini Ranch
528 F St
San Diego, Ca

Downtown Johnny Brown's
1220 Third Avenue
San Diego, Ca

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