SD wings

I'm looking for wingmen in the San Diego area who are of at least 21 years of age.

A little about me: I've been off and on in the "game" for about 8 years with my strengths being in night game with a weakness in day game. As usual, after getting out of a relationship I lose my edge in all areas but I still retain the knowledge/feel for success in night game. After warming up, I'm capable of getting 3-somes, scoring drinks from women (including getting into VIP areas in Vegas for some of their bottle service), standard one night stands, and LTRs. There may have been a few I have forgotten lol.
I've never dabbled much in day game so I don't really have many success stories in that area, aside from phone numbers.

Despite my preference, I'm open to both night and day game. I'd like to acquire the skills to do well in day game since that arena contains a huge pool of women or simply just have a wingman to brush up on my night game.

Would be ideal if my wingman was an expert (now or in the past) at day game so that we could coach each other through sticking points but skill level is not mandatory.

All I ask is that you're NOT A ROBOT! Typically, the newer folk seem to spout out game in robotic fashion, waiting on the appropriate signals to move forward. Everything you were taught is a skeleton, a guideline, to attach the muscle to. The muscle being your personality.

If you're a new guy, the skeleton is basically confidence, being a challenge, and being fun.

Anyway, my number is 708-717-6390. Text first with your name and that you're a wingman. I usually don't respond to unknown numbers.