Stuck in an illusion

In San Diego for one year. Been here for two weeks, but already I'm starting to feel frustrated. Mad at myself. Mad about myself for not just letting it out there and just go for it.

I have pretty much everything in my life nailed. Even here, already. I've already got a lot of friends (I came here without knowing a single person), I have started surfing and I'm having a lot of fun. I'm successful with pretty much everything in life, except women.

You pretty much construct an illusion when you read on these forums and watch pick-up videos. And I have pretty much stopped doing it, because I got stuck in that illusion. I still haven't been able to break out of it.

Just got home from a club now, and I have made up my mind. I am not going to look back at my year in southern California and regret that I didn't hook up with more girls.

In the club, the problem is I am just not having enough fun. But I know what it takes to have fun. And that is just to get in state, get unstifled, and just start being. But somehow, I'm not able to do this by myself, becaues it requires basically that you just start talking to everyone all the way to the club and then continue inside. I have been in state a few times before, but I just can't seem to get into it by myself.

I know very, very well that it is not that hard. So, what I really need is just to get a wing that will kick my ass so hard that all/most of my stifledness will evaporate. Somebody has to push me off that cliff.

So, guys, PM me if you're in the PB area and want to go out or approach people in the daytime. If I'm still struggling, you will actually get to physically kick my ass. Thank you.