Looking for Wings in O.C.

Sup guys - Looking for competent wings in Orange County CA to sarge the various nightclub/bar hotspots (Code, iLounge, Sutra, Heat, etc.). I'm not too active on this forum so here's a bit about me. I'm a 32 yr-old Asian American male in Irvine, CA. I'm a successful Entrepreneur and Investor and have been here for the past 15 yrs. Never really had a problem w/women and have always had pretty good natural game, but I would def. consider myself an under-achiever. When I dove into this PUA realm a few months ago, I've been fascinated ever since. Been able to pick things up pretty fast. Don't have too many problems w/A.A., don't have problems getting in to joints, game for getting VIP tables, # close most of the time I'm out. Def. having problems hooking sets though which is what I need to start working on. Also have problems hooking the HB9s & 10s.

Have gone through the Game & Mystery Method books and the entire Revelation series so I'm pretty competent in PU theory and tactics - just need to go out more to refine & improve my game. Prefer wings closer to my age bracket (late 20s-early 30s) w/developing or fully-developed game and used to sarging in OC. Pretty much have an open schedule so I'm realtively free most of the time (especially wknds). DAMN I WISH I KNEW ABOUT THIS PUA SHIT WHEN I WAS YOUNGER!! If you're game PM me!