Avids orange county/mtv free and raw

here's how it is kid. One of the most desirable places to live is the oc.. Rather you have a pad stright up on the f-kn beach, or your family crossed the
border and made it to a clown houses' in Santa ana!! Oc is like la without the cross dressers, and wanta be movie whores settling for porn roles when they realise their small town shit and dreams have mislead them their whole pathetic disneyland dream conclusion of a life...im convincing myself though that the "holy grail" of pua info resides within the lounge... I mean, fuck, the section on "the forum" is pathetic....

if your a fucking afc, or a mpua, let's start rolling deep... Oc has the dopest oppertunitys in the world, if your in oc and want an amazing journy of failing, winning, and takeing over this territory.... Hit me, avid up... Trust... Its best to know me before I'm breaking into your set.... Maybe, the reverse could be said about you... I'm 100% commited to rivaling the top tmm instructers...(for the soul purpose of becoming one) I'm willing to teach my wings, or totally learn from them if they have skill set....

Rather your new... Or master pua status... It starts here!!!

Let's do this on every level!!!!!

I'm avid.....that name has a reason... Grab your dictionary if need be...

I'm amazing at certin things...and I fukn suck at certin things... Mall game.. I suck... Yet down to spear head it... Stripclub game.... I don't brag..... Fuck it... The oc starts here... i pray i can learn for you... And anticipate teaching if need be!!! Heres a word style says he owns, but doesnt cause ive always said it..../