Room For Rent in Newport Beach August 1st - WINGMAN Opportunity.

Room For Rent in Newport Beach August 1st - WINGMAN Opportunity.

Discuss Room For Rent in Newport Beach August 1st - WINGMAN Opportunity. at the CA - Orange County Lair within the The Attraction Forums. Dating Advice.; Room For Rent in Newport Beach August 1st - WINGMAN Opportunity. First of all admins, ...

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    Room For Rent in Newport Beach August 1st - WINGMAN Opportunity.

    First of all admins, if I'm not allowed to post a room for rent in the local forums, I apologize, please just delete the thread, promise I won't get all butt-hurt!

    A room is available in our 3 bed/3 bath Newport beach peninsula house on August 1st, 2011. It's a 6 month lease to start and then month-to-month after that. Rent is only $775/month! It's on the Peninsula, near Circle K / Chronic Tacos, in the numbered streets between 30th-50th Streets. That should give you a pretty damn good idea if you are familiar with the area.

    I'm looking for a clean, responsible adult who can pay the bills on time FIRST. But instead of just "someone to live with", I'm really looking for a Wingman as well this time. You don't have to be my new best friend, but it would be great if we could sarge together.

    You don't have to have perfect game, or open every set you see - I sure don't! All I'm looking for is a guy that doesn't creep girls out in any way, makes it about US FIRST, not the girls, and that goes out to open sets. Then work WITH me to pull girls back to the house. It's freakin' NEWPORT BEACH. It's a single man's paradise. Come share this IDEAL situation with me.

    I'm not a pickup snob, I still have a lot to learn. But I'll tell you straight up, if you are coming at girls from a "chasing" mentality, making it all about HER, putting the pussy on a pedestal... we're not going to work well together. You don't have to have the most amazing social skills I've ever seen, just don't scare girls off by trying too hard. Know what I'm saying??

    The house is your basic "landlord issue" peninsula duplex, nothing out of the ordinary. What makes it special is the location (100 yards from the sand) ...and the pickup potential from living with another like-minded wingman. This could literally be a life-changing decision to move in here and the start of the most ass you've ever gotten in your life! I've had lots of roommates, but only a few times in my life have I lived with someone who is also a capable wing. When I did, we just FED off each other and BOTH became better because of it. I've never pulled as much as I did when I lived with wing. I have no doubt the same thing can happen here again with the right person.

    The house has a couple of awesome things going for it that help with PU:

    • We've got a stripper pole in the living room that never scares girls off and ALWAYS challenges them to get on it. Even the biggest proper "corporate america" girl you can find won't be able to help herself. It's like a challenge they can't resist.

    • We're a 5 minute bike / $5 cab from the local bars. It's 100 times easier to get girls back to "the afterparty" when the proximity is in your favor.

    • We have a Wii in the living room. "Come over and and I'll beat your ass at Wii bowling" has worked for me more times than I can count. It's a REASON to get girls to the house.

    • We have a patio with cool lighting and speakers. It's another reason. "Afterparty at my place! It'll be fun, we've got speakers on the patio, come have a drink!"

    • In the summer during the day, the location is so prime, you can literally meet girls that walk by just by going on the patio without ever leaving the house!

    • The beach. At night it's a great place to take a girl from the afterparty, or a D2, or "Let's go skinnydipping!" During the day, there are 100's of girls in bikinis a block away from the house! You just gotta' OPEN them.

    Man I just remember WHY I live here in the first place! I love being single and meeting new girls and sexual VARIETY. Come live in Newport Beach with me and let's have a f*$%ing BLAST doing it! PM me if interested.


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    PM re: wingmen and going out.... I like your stance, and I have similar goals. I'm right on the peninsula.


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