Sat. Night DT L.A. Field Report

On Saturday my wing & I went Downtown L.A. to the Standard Hotel. The lounge area in the lobby was packed so we opted to stay downstairs & not go to the rooftop club,in addition it was a little chilly so we felt it was pointless to be on the roof all night. There seemed to be a few models left over from L.A. Fashion Week activities milling around. The majority of women were nowhere near HB status & they all seemed to be in "girl's night" out groups. Nothing to really write home about we knowticed that a lot of people were coming down the escalators from the roof so obviously not too much was going on up there. Next week I'm going to check out the Broadway bar again,last time I was in there there were some relatively cute FIDM students there. During the week I'm going to check out some of the happy hour spots in DT with a friend(my pivot) who works in the area,there are some new places that cater to young urban professional crowd. As I stated in my initial post hands down the "A-List" Hollywood clubs are where you are going to find "HB's" in droves,there's just no way around that.